Monday, November 16, 2009

HaLLoWeen Or AnYTiMe ReCiPe - "Dirt"

My kids and I had a GREAT Halloween this year as usual. It's a really fun time of year for us. Besides dressing up, turning the children loose on the neighborhood, and listening to "Thriller" over and over again...Another one of our homegrown traditions is for me to make my famous "Dirt". It's a creative recipe that involves Oreos and Chocolate pudding. I have been making it for them for years. I don't care how old they get, they still look forward to it. I hope you enjoy the recipe!!


1 - standard pk of Oreo Cookies
2 - standard boxes of Instant Chocolate Pudding Mix(and whatever ingredients it calls for)
Gummy Worms

I like to do this in a clear dish so the kids can see the layers. Its simple.

Make the Pudding according to instructions on the box and fill your dish almost to the top.
Empty all of the Oreos into a Ziploc bag. Close the bag. Gently crush the Oreos with a hammer or something. Keep crushing until it has the consistancy guessed it...DIRT!

Pour the crushed Oreos over the pudding.

Insert Gummy Worms so it looks like they are coming up out of the dirt.

Kids LOVE helping with this recipe. Its a fun year round treat.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Atlanta Natural Hair Meet Up - 09/19

After checking my e-mail and perusing the web a little this past Saturday morning, I decided to see what was going on in YouTube. I was looking through my subscriptions when I saw a vid posted by LexiwiththeCurls titled "Atlanta Natural Hair Meet Up" and stating that this would happen... TOMORROW 3p - 5p!!! I nearly spilled my coffee scrambling to see the date of the video! Is tomorrow today?!!. omg!! Let me see! Low and behold tomorrow was today!! Yippeee! I am going! Let me call my girl Narazonia76 and let her know too AND better go get my toes done right quick. (trust was time) Off I go for a Mani/Pedi. I was brimming with anticipation for this event. Why is it raining cats AND dogs??? I leave the nail shop with 10 bright blue toes, get home, log on again, and guess what?? The event is CANCELLED with a possible postponement to tomorrow. The floods were just beginning in the Southeast. The exit to the area where the event was to be held was closed off due to flooding. AwwWww...Well...ok. So what. I'll go tomorrow! I chill with the family a bit, make a grocery list and prepare to get my shopping done. Before leaving, I logged on to YouTube AGAIN...lmao and guess what? The event was back on!!. postponed till 3 but still on. It turned out that the exits were back open so it was BACK on and the rest is HISTORY! I got to spend the next 2 hours of my life fellowshipping with the friendliest, most positive, highly energetic group that I have ever encountered. Sistahs...from the lightest light to the darkest dark...2b's to 4c's...16 years old to well...ok? All beautiful. All Confidant. All Natural. We represented. We talked hair, we discussed products, we laughed, we ate, we connected...I dont even want to get into the fantastic styles that i saw. These ladies were ROCKIN some do's...omg. And let me say this...its kinda cool being recognized from YouTube!! It is!! Hoping we can do it again reaaal soon :-) Until next time...

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Tribute to My Husband's Mistress

I am black, but comely, ... Song of Solomon 1:5

I had met her before. A mutual friend had brought her to our home. She seemed friendly, inviting almost. I must admit, we were all drawn to her. She was slim, black and elegant. She was open and very responsive to everyone. We all enjoyed her that evening. A month after that encounter, I found out that my husband had been seeing her on occasion. It was at the home of the same friend that brought her to our house the 1st time. I wasn't alarmed by that really. I heard that there were other friends of ours at these vists as well, but still...he hadn't mentioned these rendez vous to me and that made me curious. According to my source the gatherings were innocently coincidental and nothing to worry about.
"...just people getting together for a little fun." the source would repeat.
And I did not worry, I did not inquire, and I did not investigate. I went on with my life happily married to my favorite guy. One day he sat me down and said, "Listen. We have to talk." He talked. I listened. It was then that he told me about... her. How he has been seeing her. He explained his need for her and how much fun they had together. The final blow...he wanted her to have a permanent place in our home. I didn't know what to say. He had said that he didn't want to make this decision without my input. Oddly enough I appreciated that. (Gosh it is so hard to type this) Many times in life you do things so that others can be happy. I am often guilty of this as I am sure many women are. Please don't judge me. I said yes. He promised that things between he and I would not change, that we'd have our room and she'd have hers and that if anything she'd be invisible to me. We had an extra room in our basement that she could stay in. So that was the arrangement. To be honest with you it didnt really bother me at first. She stayed in her space and I stayed in mine. We never spoke. I found them together in our room once and he quickly explained that the tv in the basement was not working so they were forced to use the one in our bedroom. I am sure by now that you must think that I am out of mind for allowing this...but I did. I love my husband and this made him happy. It wasn't so bad, that is...until I noticed him slipping out of bed in the middle of the night one night. She must have been on his mind. I could tell because he had been tossing and turning. I pretended to be sleep when he left, but I had to know. I had to see I followed him. I glided stealthily behind him as he descended 1 flight of stairs...I made note of his agility, and the care he took not to make a single sound. He was guided by the light of the moon that shined through the kitchen window. I stayed in the shadows as he flung open the door to the basement and made his final descent. I waited a moment before I cracked the door open ever so slightly. I could see the light from the television flickering. I could hear him. He was speaking very softly at first, so soft that I could barely hear him...I opened the door wider. I just had to hear what he was saying! I had to find out what they were doing! With my back against the wall I quietly slid down the stairwell, got on my knees and peeked around the corner. There he was on the couch. All I could see was his silhouette against the sharp brightness of the large screen in front of him. I could hear him laughing at first and then cursing as he caressed her and yes, she responded to his touch. I could see him squirming while stroking her smooth black skin. Digging his thumbs into her. Pushing all the right buttons and leaning back as he...SCORED!! and with that he stood up... threw down his controller... and did a victory dance that looked very odd with him in his underwear. Yep, he was playing Madden 09 on his PS2 aka his "mistress"

Ladies...LOL I hope I had you going!!!

If any of you have men in your lives that love "The Game" the way my hubby does...raise ya hands by leaving a comment! (Any game applies!)

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Excerpts of My Life...Soundtrack by Michael Jackson - A Tribute to The King

With the passing of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, we have all been reminded of his impact on the world. I hate that we had to lose such an Icon, but I appreciate so much that he has been honored and respected in his passing by most of the media. I have thoroughly enjoyed being taken back in time through the memory of his music. With each song my mind replays a period of time in my life that has been mentally recorded and connected with his music. Travel Back with me...

He Rocks In the Treetop All nite Long, Hoppin and a boppin and singing that song, all the little Birdies on Jaybird Street, love to hear the Robins go.....Yep if you know the next 3 words then you have totally exposed your age and may also remember the "patty caking hand clappin" that little girls used to do to that song. The year was 1972, I was 4, however, years later I remember finding the 45 of that song in my mothers old record stash and playing it on the record player and loving it(Yep, RECORD PLAYER google it yall). I also remember clapping and singing that song on the school bus on the way to elementary school with my friends, I was 9 years old, my parents got divorced that year...This song made me happy. Hearing it and singing it removed me from the situation and allowed me to be a kid for just a little while longer.

Off The Wall - This album was released in 1979. I was a preteen/teenager during the course of its many hits. I was roller skating a lot at this point in my life and I dont know why. My daddy got me a HUGE JVC boombox (Like Radio Raheem's in Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing!) I used to sit that boombox on the curb in front of our apartment and roller skate in the street to Don't Stop Till You Get Enough. I remember just skating and spinning and feeling the sun on my skin with the wind on my face and MJ in my ears, being free...
-Rock With You - All Niiight...
-She's Out of My Life (always made me sad)
-Off The Wall...lyrics: ...Do, what you WANT to do, There Aint No RULES, its up to you... (Words to Live by)

Thriller - I was in high school and I remember with great excitement seeing the World Premier Video for this song on MTV. My whole family and some friends sat around our wood grain floor model tv (yes we was ballin yo) to watch this vid. Them was some of the best 14 minutes of my life. I dont recall ever seeing anything so awesome! Seems like the next day, every boy in school was wearing a "Thriller" jacket and a Jheri Curl, lol. I was also a cheerleader and remember creating dance routines to that song for pep rallies. Good Times

- I Want to LOVE you - P.Y.T - Pretty Young Thang - yep that was me...A PYT. Hey! I had it on the front of a couple of shirts, so it must have been true! Right?
- Human Nature - to this day I close my eyes when I hear this have to if you want to truly feel it. (John Mayer tore this up on the BET Awards recently.)
- Beat It - And what do you say when you are ready for someone to leave your presence??? ahem -"Why don't you make like Michael Jackson and...BEAT IT!" lmao...High School, High School, High School...all I think about when I hear that song...and my silly high school sweetheart trying to dance to it...

(....The SistahChick sings, "...I said You Wanna Be Starting Something, got to be starting something"... as she types this...Do yall remember everyones translation of "Mama say, mama saw, mama coo sa"?? My friend swore that the chant went..."We'll Be Saved By The Sound of Michaels Song...")

BAD - Who's Bad?? Are you kidding me? By now I am in college and drinking my way through all of my issues and classes at IU...and humming "...Yo butt is mine..."

-The Way You Make Me Feel - "...Ain't No-Bo-Dy's Biz Ness but mine and my Baaabayy - Wooo"(in my best MJ impression)
-Dirty Diana - Wasnt it such a naughty song?
-Leave Me Alone - The press has been hounding MJ for years by now. He is tired. ...and me? Pregnant with my 1st child and dropping out of college...Seriously...LEAVE ME ALONE! I was so feelin this song MJ...

Dangerous - I am a single mother now, raising a 3 y/o boy, working AND clubbin like crazy...Do you remember, Remember The Time? and better yet, do you remember the video for Remember the Time? Iman, Eddie Murphy, Magic Johnson and the Great MJ just to name a few. Remember when he turned to gold dust at the end? Outstanding!

- Black or White - another awesome video, all of the morphing thrilled me! showing all of those different cultures intrigued me. By now I am beginning to learn to love myself and my culture. Becoming proud and loving who I am began to shape me to be the person that I am today. Sharing the positive aspects of the African American culture has become a part of my life...and who knows maybe that video had something to do with it.
I could go on FORever with my personal tribute to MJ. Just sitting here and going through these memories has brought about a flood of emotions...They say you dont know what you got until its gone...He is gone, but his imprint has been left on the planet and he will live in my memory and heart forever. Rest In Peace MJ.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Steve McNair Murder - Real Talk

We have all seen the headlines. Steve McNair - Murder/Suicide. I really dont want to sound judgemental, but this situation has opened up a conversation about fidelity and marriage that needs to be discussed. All respect and condolences to Mrs. Mechelle McNair, who i feel is the real victim in all of this. I have read some really horrible blog posts about how maybe Steve wasn't getting what he needed at home, or how Mrs. McNair had to know about the affair, etc. All of that is irrelevent to me. Because guess what??..this woman now has to bury her husband who has publicly disgraced her and her boys in his death. Mr. McNair was married and his responsibility was to his wife and kids. Not to some random hottie that he met at a Dave & Busters 6 months prior. Now his sons must grow up without a father over what? Some poontang? (yeah I said "POONTANG") Was she worth it? I doubt it. IMO married men that cheat on their wives are selfish, insecure, losers. I don't care how it's justified. My thing is, why get married if thats not what you want to do? I mean its a choice. right? So why do it, and then cheat? If you dont want to be in the marriage, why not get a divorce? Why put everyone through the drama of an affair? I have seen firsthand how lives can be ripped apart due to infidelity within a marriage. My own dad cheated on my mom and got the other woman pregnant. OF COURSE he told the other woman that he was going to leave my mom... and when he didnt the other woman attempted suicide. I'll never forget it, I had to be about 10 maybe and suddenly there I was at my grandmother's house being introduced to a 2 year old boy, my brother, because his mother was in the hospital. I will never forget the look on my mothers face when she came to pick us up that day. She took one look at the boy and in that instant I knew that something was wrong. She divorced him that same year and I am glad she did. Instead of letting us grow up in a house of lies, abuse & infidelity, she chose to raise us by herself with the truth. My dad ended up shacking up with the other woman for many years after the divorce and had 2 more children, he never married her and was very abusive to her throughout their relationship (physically, mentally and emotionally). He never even gave the 3 kids they had together his last name. You get what you ask for and the grass always seems greener on the other side, right? This is why the McNair story hits me so close to home. My father is dead now, may he rest in peace, my momma actually grabbed the other woman's hand during the funeral and held it as a show of forgiveness and closure (that is classic behavior for my mother, she is a real queen). but when I think of the countless lives that he negatively affected with his infidelity, abuse and lies... and I dont even want to talk about the BAGFUL of issues that came about for me because of this...

So here is my wisdom for the can take it or leave it.

GUYS: If you want to still sleep around in this age of HIV and seriously psychotic women...DON'T GET MARRIED! If you are already married and are cheating, STOP IT or at least be a man about it and give your wife the chance to choose whether she wants to be with your sorry cheatin ass! And especially if there are children involved. If you think that kids cant feel whats going on, you are mistaken. They are more perceptive than you think. You are teaching your daughters that its ok, to allow a man to use and abuse her, and you are teaching your sons that its ok to be disrespectful to women

LADIES: Young and old, if you are messin with a married man STOP IT. There are a million reasons why you shouldn't, but I will just give you a few. #1 if he truly wanted to be with you..he would. #2. Have some respect for youself...dont let this guy use you like that. trust and believe that he IS using you. A woman deserves to be with a man that truly wants to be with her. #3. If he will lie to his wife by being with you, what makes you think you can trust this guy with your heart?

Warning Signs
-If you have been dating him for months and have never been to his house...he's married
-If he has you on a visitation schedule, meaning he only comes to see you at certain times specifically...he's married
-If he is always MIA during major holidays...He's married
-If he says that he is leaving his wife...for you? please..that is the oldest line in the book, dont believe it.

In the event that he leaves his wife to be with you, remember how you got him, cause you will probably lose him the same way

If the untimely murder/death of the brilliant football star Steve McNair doesn't sway you, pick up a copy of Steve Harvey's book "Act Like A Lady - Think Like a Man".
Remember if you choose to ignore what's obvious, you get what you deserve...and Karma can be a mean bitch.

Spiritual Messages:
- Deepest condolences to Mrs McNair, may God give you the strength to raise those boys without their dad and also pray that God see fit to bless with a man that wants you and only you, one day.
- RIP Steve McNair OF COURSE i dont know you, but my hubby enjoyed watching you play, and you kinda put us all in your business...soooo, if you see my dad, whereever you are, tell him that I said, "What's Up!?"

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day and Healthy Cookin!

Sorry this is late, but I wanted to give a special shout to all of you Dads out there! Happy Father's Day!! And to all of you ladies out there who are single Mother's having to play both roles as "Mom" and "Dad"...Keep doing your thang Sis. and blessings to you along the way. We hosted a Dinner in my home to celebrate the occasion. (Honoring my husband, bro in laws, and step dad.) When getting together in the summer we typically BBQ - Beef & Pork Ribs, Burgers, Brats, Chicken and with all the sides Mac and Cheese, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Etc. I decided to switch things up with the menu this year. Because I am becoming increasingly more aware of what I put in and on my body, I remixed the menu and replaced it with a healthier version. Instead of a BBQ w/all of the meats, we grilled Chicken breasts seasoned with garlic and various herbs. Instead of Potato Salad i prepared a fresh, crisp, rotini pasta salad, filled with cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, red onion, chilled shrimp with some Italian & salad dressing blended in. Instead of Mac & Cheese I had my mother prepare her famous spaghetti and ground turkey meat sauce. She used fresh tomatos in her sauce. We also had a Salad of Spring Leaves with walnuts and golden raisins among other healthy toppings (instead of Collard Greens & HamHocks). Last but not least, instead of chips we had a wonderful veggie tray will all of the favs (carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.) I got everybody involved in this and We switched out the desserts too! Instead of all of the heavy cakes and pies we had fresh fruit covered in lite Whipped Cream in a graham cracker pie crust and topped with chopped pecans. Very light, and sweet. My aunt was able to modify her CheeseCake recipe to allow for lower fat and lower sugar or sugar free ingredients (we kept this fact a secret until after it had been eaten...Nobody knew the difference!). Us women kept all of these switcharoos a secret from the men. When those men came in rubbing their hands together for the feast...lmao!!! the LOOK on their faces when I informed them of our new leaner menu...Priceless! We had a fun healthy meal in the Georgia Summer sun and weren't left feeling lazy and lethargic afterwards aka "The itis". This was my way of honoring the men in our family, by serving them a meal that won't kill them!!! :-)

Stay tuned for some of the recipes from this wonderful feast!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Economics and Class

So I am sitting here watching Oprah and today's show is about "class" and how people that used to be "upper and/or middle class" are now feeling like they are lower class with our current economic situation. The whole "class" system has always baffled me. I have never completely understood it. See I grew up "lower class" by all standards. My mom was a single mother raising 2 kids in "the hood", working 2 jobs to make ends meet, and trying to go to school. Although everything around me screamed "lower class" (ie: the part of town we lived in, our gov't house, utility disconnections, etc.) My mother, allowed my sister and I to maintain what we perceived was a "middle class" upbringing. We went to private school from K-8. When we were old enough to want trendy and name brand things my mother got a job at the store that we liked to shop at to provide us with whatever we wanted. (she made many sacrifices for us) Not only that, but all of my neighbors drove real nice cars, wore the newest clothes, had the most stylish hair do's, the nails, etc. and in my hood, it wasn't the outside of your house that mattered. It was all about the inside. So a neighbor might have an unkept yard and a house with no curb appeal, but once you stepped inside their front door, you'd be in like a mansion with chandeliers, big leather furniture, sculptures, & big screens. to me...we were doin alright!! Back then, nobody spoke of 401k's, savings, stocks, bonds. I had no knowledge of those terms growing up. All i knew is that I had my own room with a boombox and a phone, was on the cheerleading squad, never wore the same outfit twice, and got to the beauty shop occasionally for a "do". My future looked bright...I did what i was supposed to do, excelled, and carried myself in a certain way. Got a scholarship and went to college. It was there that I learned that I wasn't as high up on the social, class scale as I thought. It was there that I met other people that actually really had money. They weren't on scholarship, their parents actually paid for them to be there. They also had finer things than I did. Designer handbags, new cars, real jewelry that they didnt buy "hot". This is where things started to flip for me. Since I was on scholarship I had to do Work Study which means I had to clean buildings on campus, serve food in the cafeteria, whatever they wanted me to do basically. I got to experience how those that "have" treated the "have-nots" nothing overly blatant...maybe just a look or glance or vibe that let me know...that I was lower. In todays economy, as Oprahs show pointed out, people are seeing themselves lose the class status that they enjoyed before and are now having to work jobs and be in places that they looked down on before. This situation has taught America, the same lesson that I learned in college... that class status doesnt really matter. The only thing that matters is what kind of person you are and how you treat other people. If this recession is what it took to teach this lesson then obviously the lesson needed to be taught and I hope that we all can learn something during these times.

Next Time:
Are people really in the socioeconomic class that they think they are in? In other words... Are you really upper/middle class if you are up to your eyeballs in debt, loans and credit cards???

Coming Soon:
Confessions of a Black Trekkie

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Hair Journey Continues!!

Wow! My hair journey has been kicked into high gear! Not only have i been able to test and review several new products, but I am learning about what ingredients to look for in certain products and which ones are important for healthy hair (No Petroleum, No Cones, No Sulfates!). Some of the techniques that I have tried have given me magnificent results (Stretched Out Afros, Twist Outs, Curl Refreshers, Shingling, etc.) I have expanded my hair supplies to include various things that I didnt have before (Rat Tail Comb, Ouchless headbands, Bonnet, Wide Tooth Comb, etc). One of my new necessities include: 100% pure Shea Butter. I haven't developed a full list of staple items yet but I am getting there. Some the newest products that I have enjoyed are:

Carol's Daughter - Khoret Amen Shampoo, Conditioner w/Sea Moss & Smoothie plus Hair Milk (and for the body...Mango Melange Shea Souffle, Body Jelly)

Taliah Waajid's Black Earth Products - Herbal Cleanser, Total Body Shampoo, Enhancing Herbal Conditioner, & Loc It Up

Paul Mitchell's - The Conditioner - Leave In Moisturizer

Lush Cosmetics - Curly Wurly Conditioning Shampoo

Biolage By Matrix - Hair Conditioning Balm

Here is a short list of Natural hair terminology that may not be new to you but it was to me!

BC - aka Big Chop. this is the first step to your natural hair journey. It means that you have cut the perm out down to the new growth to start anew!

Co-Wash - Using Conditioner to wash your hair instead of Shampoo. This process cleans your hair without stripping it of the natural oils that exist.

PrePoo - Shampooing your hair with something like a Clarifying Shampoo prior to using your normal shampoo.

Shingling - Applying product, usually a Leave In Conditioner, to your hair in layers for full coverage.

Stretching - Manipulating your hair in a way that stretches your natural curls to show length.
(more terms to come!)

I haven't gotten my oils (Coconut, TeaTree, Jojoba, etc) locked down to an understanding yet. But I am learning about different oils and their benefits.

Most importantly I am having FUN! The exploration, the pampering, the ME's all been enabled!!! Developing an afinity for the natural me has opened the doors to other needs, such as skincare and physical health, It's hard to explain, but I guess I could say that any improvements that you consciously make for yourself affects your ENTIRE well being. One step at a time, but the path has been shown to me.

Much Love!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happily Natural Day


Happily Natural Day, originating in Richmond, Virginia, is an African Heritage festival committed to cultural awareness, holistic health and social change. Seven years ago, we saw the need for an event that says that natural hair was something more than just the latest style, and way more than just a chic look or fashion trend. At Happily Natural Day we identify with natural hair as a statement. Locks, afros and braids are socio-cultural symbols that are used as public proclamations of self-love and deep pride in being a person of African descent, and so, through Happily Natural Day, we promote the natural beauty of African people. Happily Natural Day is a continuance of the “Black Is Beautiful” campaigns of the 1960s and 1970s – started by Elombe Brath and the African Jazz Art Society and Studio (AJASS) via its “Naturally” shows and Grandassa Models. Happily Natural Day is ultimately married to the cause of redeveloping the maximum human potential of people of African descent through information and inspiration. Our annual August festival features workshops, lectures, live music, and merchants with one of a kind products from around the globe. It inspires us to love ourselves, to support Black-owned businesses, to heal ourselves holistically, and to live for the freedom that comes with doing for self. The mission of Happily Natural Day is to raise consciousness and cultural awareness, and to inspire collective works, self-determination and social change in the African community.
(Excerpt taken from following the link to learn more)

White Taco Salad Recipe

This is a summertime favorite for me and my family. My Aunt Joyce used to make it for us when we were kids. I make it for my children now. Enjoy!

White Taco Salad

2 lbs - Ground Beef
2 pks - Ranch Salad Dressing (The dry kind that you mix)
1/4 cup of onions
1/4 cup green peppers
1 - Can of Red Beans (drained)
Tortilla Chips
1 - Med. Tomato
1 - Head of lettuce
16 oz Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Cook ground beef. Add Onions and Green Pepper to the meat while it's cooking. Drain.
Mix Ranch Salad Dressing together according to the instructions on the package. (Use Milk if it calls for Buttermilk.)
Chop Tomato
Chop Lettuce

In a large bowl combine: Cooked ground beef, Salad Dressing mixture, & drained red beans. Mix with a large spoon until white dressing is blended throughout.. Refrigerate for about an hour.

Serve it cold over tortilla chips and garnish with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. A wonderful summer treat but can be enjoyed all year!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


My hubby and I traveled to Savannah, Georgia to celebrate our 8th year of wedded bliss ;-) What a wonderful getaway it turned out to be. It's just a hop, skip & jump away from Atlanta...3.5 hours I think. It misted the entire time we were there, but that was no problem. We tried to see all that we could in our short little weekend, so as instructed by friends, we walked River Street, ate @ Paula Deen's, & took the Ghost Tour. In the midst of all that typical touristy stuff I was able to "feel" Savannah. It is a beautifully spooky place with its cobblestone streets, graveyards, "squares", historic structures, etc. Walking through the historic district is truly like going back in time. I was in awe of the many Oak trees covered in Spanish moss with branches that hang over and shade sidewalks and walkways. They made everything feel so lush and green, almost cozy. Standing next to First African Baptist Church while finding out that it is one of the oldest African American congregations churches in the U.S. gave me goosebumps. How many and who have stood here before me? River Street with all of its original buildings - warehouses that are now restuarants, gift shops, and bars was lost in a sea of drunk visitors. Savannah was one of the MAJOR ports of entry for millions of African Slaves... How many of my ancestors may have come thru here? That is all that I could think about while I was there. Not in a sad way, but in a, respectful-remembrance-acknowledgement way. Knowing that Savannah and all its former splendor was accomplished on the backs of the African Slave...I can't help but feel that. The Ghost Tour was amazing! Our tour guide was very dramatic and lively. her stories sent chills up my spine! This was ok because it allowed me to snuggle closer to my hubby. Who would have thought that a walking/riding spoooky tour with a stranger telling scary stories on a chilly February Savannah... would be so romantic. It was.
Of course we ate at Paulaah Deeeen's (I try to type in my best Southern drawl). I am a HUGE Paula Deen fan, so that was a real treat for me. The whole process was exciting. If you've been there you know you have to get there at a certain time in the morning to put your name on a list to eat later on. When we went back at our designated time, we were immediately seated, and oh ok, i know...Paula Deen was not there, not like she's really gonna be there. I know this, but I was thrilled none the less! Like the going -to- the- fair- for- the- very- first- time sort of thrilled. I ordered the Crab Stew which blew my mind, so creamy, cheezy, buttery, and the crabmeat...succulent. I also had the Savannah Crab Cake. This thing was huge first of all and served on a bed of black beans and rice with onions. You have to close your eyes when you eat it...that's all I'm saying. My husband went with the buffet, which includes various southern/soul food dishes. Yes, I sampled from his plate...sweet potatoes, fried chicken, collard greens, mac & cheese, etc all perfectly prepared and delectable. I am out of adjectives. All in All it was a fantastic little getaway. I truly enjoyed it and will definately go back (for a longer visit next time).

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sistah Chick Reviews "Mixed Chicks" Hair Products

About a month ago I was surfing the web for Natural HairStyles/products (like always) and i landed on this site . It was through this site that 2 very important things happened. #1 I was able to determine what my hair type is. #2 I was able to find the perfect products for my hair types (notice i said -typeS). The hairtyping system was developed by Andre Walker (Oprah's Stylist). It categorizes hair into types ranging from Type 1 Straight Hair, Type 2 Wavy Hair, Type 3 curly hair and Type 4 Kinky Hair. There are also subtypes like Type 2a (fine), 2b (textured), or 2c thick). All of this info is explained in detail in his book Andre Talks Hair (Which I have had sitting on my bookshelf for years but only recently cracked open and actually read). Taking care of your natural hair without know what type of hair you have is a total waste of time and money, as hopefully you have read in my previous posts. Hairtype is so very important and the folks at NaturallyCurly have taken this science a step further by recommending products for each hair type. With all of that being said, I have determined that my hair has various types. I would say that I am 3b/c (tight corkscrews)around the front and back of my head, the right side of my hair is also a bit thicker than the left, I got a small patch in the back portion of my head that is 4a(kinky). Of the products that were listed for my hairtype was Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner. The name of the product alone made me curious enough to at least see what it was about, so I went to the product website. No, I am not mixed but like I said the name made me curious. I was delighted to find on some products that i thought would work for me. My goal? To find a product that would not only define the natural curls in my hair but sustain that look throughout the day and possibly into the next all the while keeping my hair soft to the touch but not greasy/sticky or oily. I also desired uniformity in my hair with minimal shrinkage. HALLELUJAH! I have found this in Mixed Chicks Hair Products!! (DisClaimer - What's in a name? - Mixed Chicks is not JUST for Mixed people. Its for all people. don't let the name scare you off. But be advised if you think that using these products will make your hair look like a typical mixed persons hair (don't act like you dont know what I mean by that!) you are delusional. These products dont GIVE you mixed hair! They do, however, enhance what you already have) In other words use wisdom. OK?
I am so happily satisfied with this product! Mixed Chicks came through for me with flying colors and does exactly what it says it will! I ordered the Trio which is Mixed Chicks Shampoo, Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner & Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner. I watched the tutorials on the website (which were verrry helpful) my order was delivered timely and I was quickly off to try my new find. The application process is simple. Wash with the shampoo. Deep Condition according to instructions. Apply Leave in conditioner to freshly washed & conditioned dripping wet hair. Again I will mention my previous posts for written proof of other processes. This process was sooo easzy and like the products claim my hair dried quickly, uniformly and definitively. Its like the Leave in literally grabbed my hair while wet, locked in those luscious shower wet curls, and held on to them while they dried. Once COMPLETELY dry I was left with a head full of beautifully kinky corkscrews that smelled good, were soft to the touch. As an added experiment. I rewet my hair on the 2nd day and applied just the leave in. The results were the same after the air drying process. To be even more sure that this was the product for me...I slept on my curly hair with no cap and no satin pillow. The next day - Hair was still full of curls. I did that 3 days in a row and the results were beautifull! Ok on the 5th day I looked like Shrek..lmao but still. I even ran through mild rain showers to see what would happen. I lost body once the rain got it damp. But that body quickly returned once the hair was dry. This stuff is the shyt and very much worth a try if you're lookin, so please...check it out!! I have reached Hair Nirvana. 3 weeks in and I am still continuously looking for problems with this product. Is it drying my hair out? No. Is my hair a tangled wirey mess after using this product? NO. Is my hair predictable now? YES. Can I attend an occasion now without worrying about what my dramatic natural hair will do? YES.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

HairStory - Days of My Napps

As many of you Natural girls know the road to NappiHappiness ain't easy. If you were like me, you've had relaxers in your hair for many years and dont even know what the natural pattern is. After my big chop I was pleasantly surprised to find a head full of small coils. While growing my hair out i mostly wore it in an afro. I am fortunate to be able to work from home so only my family and friends saw my hair as it transitioned from relaxed to natural. Their reaction has been pretty positive. i have been at this for almost 3 years, and have used various products. Finding products developed for natural hair hasn't been easy. I'll be honest and tell you that in the beginning, i never really thought that much about it. My hair routine had gotten so much easier, what else did i need to worry about? I started off with washing my hair once a week, but wetting it everyday to achieve the ringlets that I wanted. The wash included shampooing & Conditioning with Garnier Fructis. I used the conditioner as my comb thru. I would completely resaturate my towel dried hair with Infusium Leave In Conditioner for dry/damaged hair. I would then apply a palm full of Pink Lotion Hair Moisturizer, a follow with a quarter size dollop of Loreal Melting Gel. This was a MESSY process. It left my hair really curly in some parts and poofy in others. Once my hair dried it remained sticky to the touch. Think Coming to America when SOUL-Glo's parents were sittin on the couch. Yep, I think I had a Jheri Curl, Even tho I was using everything made for dry hair, my hair was not being moisturized and it was left dry and damaged. I was also experiencing a lot of shedding. TRIAL/ERROR (I told you it wasn't easy!) Eventually, my routine transitioned to washing once a week using Garnier Fructis Shampoo for Curly Hair. I changed my comb thru deep conditioner to Motions CPR (Critical, Protection, Repair) mixed in with Garnier Fructis Conditioner for Curly Hair. While my hair is still very damp I sprayed with Infusium Frizzologie Leave In Conditioner and followed with a palm full of Motions Conditioning Cream. This process seemed to do a good job of keeping my hair moisturized. It was a little oily to the touch, but not too bad. The shrinkage that i experienced with this routine was insane. By now my hair is shoulder length when straightened with a blow dryer(I would blow it out straight periodically to cut my ends evenly), however, it would shrink to a short afro during the drying process. Once completely dry, I could then pick and pull it out to a reasonably curly afro. I found that as hours of the day went on tho that my afro would get poofy, frizzy and unruly. I didnt mind this so much, but it was unpredictable. On a humid day, I would get a huge out of control mane and on dry days I would get the curls that I wanted but this never lasted into the next day. I was continuously having to rewet and reapply all of the products and would get different results after every application. If I am just chillin in my hood or with my fam/friends this is not a problem but a learning experience, HOWEVER! Not good on special occasions because i could never know what my hair would do. Various headbands & scarves became my perfect standbys in case of Hairtastrophies. (HairStory within a HairStory - Had a business meetin in FL. Got my hair into a nice perfect afro. It was dry and cutely cropped. Fell asleep on the plane and woke to find the back of my hair completely flattened, stiff and unmoisturized. The front was doing its own thing. I had no products, no supplies, not even a comb. I remedied this by wetting the back of hair in the bathroom and applying some hand lotion from my purse. I picked at it and blended it and got it all to at least look uniformily wet (but not dripping) and just prayed that I could get in and out of that meeting and back on the plane home before my hair dried again! OOPS was still in early learning stages!! LOL) My hair is like a Soap Opera - Days of My Napps, All My Napps, One Nap to Live, its a different HairStory everyday!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Natural Hair Journey

If you haven't recognized by my profile pic already, I am one of them "Natural" Sistahs. The word "Natural" refers to my hair and the fact that I do not perm it or alter my nappy hair texture by straightening it. I have been natural since 2006. My natural hair journey has been in the making for many years I believe. Taking the step to actually make it happen came in waves (no pun intended)before i decided that I was going to do it. Here is my road to change:

#1. I moved to Atlanta in 2000 and was happy to see MANY sistahs with various natural styles that I adored but was never bold enough to try.

#2. With the hot summers here in the south I was constantly pulling my former permed shoulder length hair up into a pony tail.

#3. I asked my beautician to chop it all off into a short bobbish style that was inspired by Missy Elliots hair in her Lose Control video.

#4. keepin it real, in 2006 my hubby got laid off and i couldnt afford them 100 bucks a pop/3 hour beauty shop visits anymore, so I cut the perm out (the big chop)and my natural hair journey began.

Getting to know my hair in it's natural state was like getting reacquainted with an old friend. I haven't looked back since. Am I trying to make a statement? Maybe...wearing my hair this way is like screaming to the world, "I'm me! I'm Free! Get Used to It!!!" That's what it is for me anyway. LOL. I am not even going to go into the whole black self hatred thing or how we as a people have brought some of mental remnants of slavery into the millenium with us. Not gonna talk about the 1- drop rule and the systematic denigration of our people...Oh, and I am not going to talk about so called "good hair" and how your hair is considered to be "good" if its a certain texture and "bad" if its a kinkier texture. Nope. Not going there. This is all about me, and loving myself... just as I am. Natural is more than just nice. I get way more compliments on my hair when we go out and My hubby LOVES my hair natural and he constantly tells me so. When we go out, I am frequently stopped and complimented/asked about my hair. He enjoys that. He also likes the way it smells, when I was permed up it smelled different I guess. The versatility of my natural hair also enhances our relationship too, I think. When we go on vacation I don't have to hide or cover my hair, cause it may be humid or raining. When its time to jump in the pool..I jump. without worrying about whats going to happen to it or spending hours to get it back "right". When we shower together I dont have to put that ugly cap on, cause I am not scared to get my hair wet anymore. It's very liberating in all aspects!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Presidential Inauguration Day - 2009

I did not eat today, until after the Inauguration. My thought was that the inauguration of America's 44th President - Barack Obama was something that I would never see in my lifetime. I did not want to take a chance and choke on my breakfast and miss the whole thing! Think about how many people died before noon today. They didnt get to witness the swearing in of our 1st African American President. I spent the day creating a video diary of my self and my family and how we spent the day. In the future when someone asks where i was on this day, I can just hand them a flash drive. My emotions ran the gammut today, from highly elevated excitement to sheer nervousness, to the surreal. I felt many things, but mainly I felt pride. I had an extra little pep in my step today. I did EVERYthing with pride today. I cried when I listened to Rick Warren's prayer. I smiled when I saw The President and First Lady get out of the car and walk. I laughed with joy when they showed the footage live from Kenya with thousand of people celebrating their native son. I screamed when he raised his right hand!! Mr. President Obama looked so dashing and suave, but also strong, confident and determined. His vibe was very evident. First Lady Michelle...omg! What an elegant and lovely woman she is. Her demeanor is submissive, the way she looks at him, it is also strong...that is HER man, and she has his ear and his back before any other...The adminstration needs to recognize that imo. Michelle is a very well versed, educated and intelligent Black woman. She is not to be messed with....believe that. My husband expressed it this way, "Babe? It's 2009... We are in our 40's, aaand we got a Black President! What the????" LMAO When my daughter came home from school, she said, "Mommy, I think I will be the first black FEMALE president!" And she can be. SHE can be. she CAN be. I am emotionally exhausted. In the eloquent words of Ms. Erykah Badhu... "Oh what a day...What a day, what a day..."

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sausage & Cream Cheese Breakfast Rolls

This is a family fav. I make these rolls whenever I have a day off and the whole fam is at home.

16oz breakfast sausage
8 oz Cream Cheese
1/4 cup finely chopped onion
4 cans Crescent Rolls

Turn your oven on to 350 and sit your Cream Cheese in the center of your stove. This softens it to get it ready for this recipe. Brown your sausage in a skillet like you would hamburger meat for tacos, when the meat is almost done cooking, toss in your onions and continue cooking until the sausage is completely done. Drain. Toss your Cream Cheese into the skillet with the sausage(slice the cream cheese up in cubes to make it easier to blend.). Stir this mixture over a low flame until it is creamy. Open your Crescent Rolls and begin to place a spoonful of the Sausage/Cream Cheese mixture into the center. fold the two small corners of the crescent rolls up, with the mixture in the middle and then roll. Place each roll on on a cookie sheet until the sheet is full with a reasonable space between each roll. Bake in the preheated oven according to the Crescent Roll instructions. When they are golden brown they are done. Remove from the oven and cool. You may have some of the mixture left. You can store this in the fridge and use it again. It will stay fresh for about a week if sealed and refridgerated properly. Serve with grape jelly, although some of my guests have requested salsa, ketchup, syrup etc. as garnishes. Whateva's your flava. Enjoy!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Discoveries

What is Daylight Savings Time? Is the moon really made of cheese? How do you make a street? Will you live on the moon with me when i become an astronaut? How does the toothfairy know when my teeth fall out? Can I stay with you forever? These are just some of the questions that I have been asked by my daughter recently. She is 6 years old. Some i can answer, some I can't. But all are Intriguing to me. It's the way her mind works. She hasn't seen a lot, so everything is brand new to her, and she wants to know all about it. New discovery must be amazing. I gave her a chocolate covered pretzel during the holidays. Her eyes lit up with amazement, with the first bite. When she could talk she said, "Wow! That tastes good Mommy!, who invented these?" lol. She really cracks me up. But imagine tasting that sweet chocolate together with the crispy, slightly salty, crunch of a pretzel for the 1st time!! Amazing I would think. So through my daughter I am learning to be delighted in new discoveries. It doesnt even matter how small the discovery is. I just noticed just today, that when the morning sun hits our french deck doors in a certain way, i can see some swirlies, drawn by a little 6 year old finger on the glass of one of the panes. My sister was over yesterday and i was watching her face as she talked... I rediscovered how pretty she is. The list goes on...and so do I...Pay attention to the small things

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wow! What a year! If the rest of 2009 is going to be anything like the way we brought it in, then we are in for another GREAT Year! We brought in the New Year @ home, like we do every year. I believe that you ought to bring each year in the way you intend to live it. For me it is with Peace, Prosperity, & Family. My husband, my daughter and I sat in front of a fire, with The New Years Rockin Eve fesitivites on TV in the background. I prepared Gumbo, Collard Greens, CornBread, Corn on the Cob, Sweet Potatoes and Rice. We watched the ball drop as well as the Peach Drop (Atl) in the comfort of our own home. I poured libations of Sparkling wine for my hubby and I, and Sparkling Grape Juice for my daughter. We toasted the new year and hugged and kissed one another @ the stroke of midnite. Once the rest of my family members brought in their own New Years (most spent @ Church Watch Services), everyone convened at my house for food and drink. Not many, just 9 - w/My Mom and Dad, and My Sister and her hubby, my son and his girlfriend.. We ate and drank into the wee hours of the morning. We brought 2009 in with Peace, Tranquility, Satisfaction, Fullfillment, Laughter, & Smiles. So if my wish is fulfilled for 2009, I will apply our traditions in this way. The feast that i prepared represents Prosperity. The love that we shared, represents Peace. Our togetherness represents Family. It will be a great year.

Mi Familia

Mom & Dad

Sis & Hubby

Son & GF