Monday, June 27, 2011

Chocolate Chat Atlanta

I attended my very first and most definitely not last Chocolate Chat event this past Sunday and I had a fantastic time!!  This event was hosted by Joined Forces of Atlanta.  "Swarthy Daisy" was our MC. It was held at a trendy space in the Historic Edgewood area.  When I imagine it in my mind, this is what conscious black Atlanta looks like.  There were members of the Art Community in the house, (Musicians, Singers & Poets) The Health Community, (Doctors, Nutritionists, & refloxologists) and Vendors (Jewelry, Skin Care, Make Up, etc,).  There were decadent desserts which included a chocolate fountain.  Wine flowed as well.  The energy was astoundingly positive and could be felt from the moment you entered. I just love meeting new people. Mingling.  Learning.  If you ever see events that involve any of the people or groups mentioned above, do yourself a favor and check them out, you wont be dissapponted.  Hope you enjoy the pics.  Peace.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

SummerTime Natural Hair Style for Kids!

Summertime is here and with it comes many fun activities. For kids with Natural Hair it's important to find a style that will work for YOUR child. Whether your child is active or not, it should be closely maintained in the summertime.  In the South temps are above 90 nearly everyday in the Spring and Summer. My LittleChick has gorgeous super thick 4a/4b hair.  Her hair is very dense and therefore it holds heat. It can be very uncomfortable for her if not styled correctly.  Here are the things that we had to consider for her.

#1.  A protective style
#2.  A hairstyle that would fit under a bike helmet.
#3.  A hairstyle that will fit under a swim cap
#4.  A hairstyle that can be easily covered with a scarf for gardening
#5.  A cute hairstyle.

What we came up with was good old fashioned "plaits".  Plaits are big braided sections of hair, plain and simple.  The style has been around forever.  Just as i wore my hair like this as a child, so will my daughter.  This style fits perfectly under a bike helmet without making her neck hot.  Swimcap?  No problem, because the hair is fairly flat and the ends of the braids can simply be tucked.  Moisturizing and braiding prevents breakage and preserves the ends from drying out, so the style is protective.  Plus its super cute!
After her hair has been washed and air dryed (in plaits) ...I resectioned it in 5 big pieces.  I used Uncle Funky's Extra Butter to add moisture the hair and I applied Lil Better Butter directly to her scalp. I braided each section down to the ends.  I also really like that this style can be redone or touched up fairly quickly in between washes.  Who wants time consuming hair days during the summer?  This is easy as 1, 2, 3!!

How will your kids wear their hair this summer and why?

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