Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sistah SpotLight! ~ MahoganyKnots

You know them don't you? They are a Natural Hair Duo comprised of "EbonyKnots" & "MahoganyBella". Together they are known as MahoganyKnots. I had the pleasure of meeting these two young ladies through our hair group, Gorgeous Atlanta Naturals. Since day 1 they have been super friendly and enthusiastic about ALL things Natural Hair related. The LittleChick & I are very fond of them because of their positive energy and I wanted to tell you about them today!

MahoganyKnots are two women who have been friends for years and together they decided to start blogging/vlogging about their hair experiences. The fantastic thing about them is that coming from two different individuals you get to experience the diversity that IS Natural Hair. They are what I consider to be among the "Who's Who" of the Atlanta Natural Hair Scene. They contribute GREATLY to the Atlanta Natural Hair Community by planning and organizing FANTASTIC events (that I try to attend each and every one of!) that I have mentioned in previous posts. They have a terrific blog that is full of product reviews, interviews, event listings, terminology etc. MahoganyBella has a gorgeous head of thick luscious hair and she is very meticulous with her product reviews. She thoroughly tests products on her own hair, and provides photos of the results. Whether you are newly natural, transitioning or a seasoned natural you will definately gain knowledge from their site. They also have a Youtube Channel, MahoganyKnots - Natural Hair Cafe. With close to 3500 subscribers in just over a year, they are easily a favorite of many. Like their blog, their channel is filled with information pertaining to natural hair. Here you get tutorials of various super creative styles that Ebonyknots creates. She demonstrates from beginning to end and makes it all look so easy. She even does this parody of a Natural Hair guru whose name is "Clover - The Natural Hair Expert". It is HEELARIOUS!! Check her out here The Natural Hair Expert The creation of this over the top character allows us all to laugh at ourselves a little. I love it. Together these two bring a wealth of valuable information and present their seperate hair journeys in creative ways that are both entertaining and educational. Please check them out.!!
MahoganyKnots can also be followed on Twitter @MahoganyKnots and liked on Facebook MahoganyKnots.

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The SistahChick

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sage NaturalCeuticals

It's always a good time when I can meet up with my Natural Sistahs, meet new people and talk Natural Hair! And a good time is what was had when we met up with Cindy Primm of Sage NaturalCeuticals.
In attendance was our MC and organizer - CurlyTopLori (Our other organizer Lexi could not attend), MahoganyKnots, Knapsgirl, Atlanta Natural Hair Care and me - TheSistahChick.
Cindy opened Sage in 2008 after she saw a need for a one stop shop for people with Natural Hair who enjoy quality products. At Sage NaturalCeuticals, if you are Product Junkie like me, then you'll be like a kid in a candystore! When you enter the store you are met with beautiful, serene & subtly colored decor that boasts light sand colored walls (some textured) and pristine white shelves that wrap around the store. Each shelf is lined with all of the Natural Hair goodies that you have dreamed of. A large window in the front of the store provides a lot of natural light from the sun which enhances the modern lighting fixtures that hang high above. The floors are covered in dark chocolate tile in beautiful contrast.
Cindy personally handpicks each product that she carries in her store. Each product must meet her standards. They have to be at least 97% organic, they must have a following, and they must have friendly packaging that lists every ingredient. Sage also sells body & skin care products as well as fragrant candles, handbags and even gourmet chocolates. Product Lines include, Blended Beauty, AfroVeda & Bee Mine to name a few. Our meeting included demonstrations by application using the following products that are also carried:

Uncle Funky's Daugher - Curly Magic
Darcy's Botanicals - Natural Coils Curling Jelly
Donna Marie - MiraCurl Curling Gelly
Komaza Care - Coconut Hair Pudding

As Cindy applied these 4 products seperately to each of the 4 sections on the models hair, she explained the different types of curl stimulators that are out on the market right now, and how they differ. She also demonstrated a "palming effect" that she uses to apply product for maximum coverage. The really cool thing about Sage is that you can try the products BEFORE you buy! Thats right!! for every product that she carries, there is a sample of that product available for testing. I could go on and on about the fantastic visit that we had at Sage, but i am going to do you one better and just show you!

Check Out the video footage!

Sage NaturalCeuticals Video on YouTube!

I had such a good time and I cant wait to visit again. If you are looking for a serene spot, full of positive energy, that carries all of the very best that Natural Hair Products have to offer. Check Out Cindy @ Sage NaturalCeuticals. Mention that you saw this video and receive 15% discount.

To Learn more about Sage following this link to the site:

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