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Coco Curls & Conversation

Jeanelle Darden, Creator, Coco Curls
Fro Fashion Week Spring 
Atlanta is the place to be if you are a blogger with a passion for all things natural hair related.  I happen to be in love with a new-to-me product called Coco Curls Moisturizing Styling Cream.  I was introduced to Coco Curls and its lovely creator, Jeannell Darden during Fro Fashion Spring 2012.

Lucky for me i received a generous sample of Coco Curls and I have been hooked ever since!  After trying the product I couldn't wait to attend my very first Coco Curls & Conversation event.  It was a lovely afternoon spent at Celebrity Hair Salon in the Castleberry Hills area of downtown Atlanta with Jeannell and friends.  We learned about healthy living, styling tips, and of course Coco Curls.  There were also Live product demonstrations, vegan food samplings and more.

The venue was the hip and trendy Celebrity Hair Salon

There were many beautiful natural haired beauties in the house

Including some of my favorite fellow bloggers

Nikka Shae & @PGRDresses

The SistahChick & Oh Nikka
@Cocoa Report

I loved that co-host DeShonca of D'Essence Hair Studios tied health and fitness into natural hair care and maintenance.  She did a good job explaining the uses of different vitamins and the importance of exercise for overall health.  She also took questions and gave styling tips and advice
DeShonca of D'essence Hair Studio

Live product demonstrations went on through out the event

We also learned a little about raw vegan living

Tassili's Raw Reality
It didn't stop there.  We played healthy trivia games.  DeShonca helped many to identify their curl patterns.  There were many giveaways courtesy of Sweet Honey Child and more.  

I got a cool tshirt, a jar of one of my new favorite products, Coco Curls Moisturizing Styling Cream AND I got to chat with the creator, Jeannell Darden!!  This day was a good day.

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Coco Curls Moisturizing Styling Cream ~ Product Review

The great thing about being a natural hair blogger in Atlanta, is that there is ALWAYs something to do.  Always a natural hair related meetup.  Always a hairshow.  Always a gathering of some kind where like minded sistahs can get together and discuss our passion.  During Fro Fashion Week, I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting the beautiful Jeannell Darden, Creator of Coco Curls. Once I met her and touched and smelled the product I was very anxious to try it out.  During my month long product testing process I heard about Coco Curls & Conversation, an event hosted by Jeanelle.  I could not wait to attend. My experience with Coco Curls was with out a doubt "love at first use" for me.   I decided that not only would I show up, but that I would show up with Coco Curls in my hair. I consider myself to be fortunate to meet this product maker face to face before she blows up!! This would be my second time using the product.  I wanted to show  Jeannell  and whoever else was in attendance how beautifully it worked for me.

Two days prior to the event, I washed and conditioned my hair.  While it was dripping wet I sectioned my hair into 5 parts and smoothed CocoCurls (A nickel sized amount or a "finger full") on each section from root to tip using my fingers to comb it through.  Then I let it air dry.  Thats it.
Freshly applied Coco Curls

It does not dry white

It took a few hours to air dry...

That evening I swooped all of my hair up into a single bun on top, tied with a scarf and went to sleep.  The next morning I gave my hair a hard shake separated a little with shea butter coated fingers and this was the end result...

I really, really love the smell of this product. It smells a little coconutty.  Maybe a little butterscotchy..Its good that it says "not for consumption" on the labeling! YUM! It has a smooth creamy but heavy texture when rubbed between your fingers.  A little goes a long way with this product.  I used about a finger full for each section that i mentioned earlier.  Once dried my hair was shiny, it felt and non greasy to the touch.  It felt soft and not crunchy and it made for a gorgeous Wash N Go style. (Pic above) My husband could not keep his nose out of my hair!  It smells fantastic! This product will find itself in my "Must haves" rotation very soon.  I love it!  
The SistahChick & Jeannell Darden, Creator of Coco Curls

Have you ever tried Coco Curls?

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