Saturday, March 10, 2012

Coco Curls Moisturizing Styling Cream ~ Product Review

The great thing about being a natural hair blogger in Atlanta, is that there is ALWAYs something to do.  Always a natural hair related meetup.  Always a hairshow.  Always a gathering of some kind where like minded sistahs can get together and discuss our passion.  During Fro Fashion Week, I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting the beautiful Jeannell Darden, Creator of Coco Curls. Once I met her and touched and smelled the product I was very anxious to try it out.  During my month long product testing process I heard about Coco Curls & Conversation, an event hosted by Jeanelle.  I could not wait to attend. My experience with Coco Curls was with out a doubt "love at first use" for me.   I decided that not only would I show up, but that I would show up with Coco Curls in my hair. I consider myself to be fortunate to meet this product maker face to face before she blows up!! This would be my second time using the product.  I wanted to show  Jeannell  and whoever else was in attendance how beautifully it worked for me.

Two days prior to the event, I washed and conditioned my hair.  While it was dripping wet I sectioned my hair into 5 parts and smoothed CocoCurls (A nickel sized amount or a "finger full") on each section from root to tip using my fingers to comb it through.  Then I let it air dry.  Thats it.
Freshly applied Coco Curls

It does not dry white

It took a few hours to air dry...

That evening I swooped all of my hair up into a single bun on top, tied with a scarf and went to sleep.  The next morning I gave my hair a hard shake separated a little with shea butter coated fingers and this was the end result...

I really, really love the smell of this product. It smells a little coconutty.  Maybe a little butterscotchy..Its good that it says "not for consumption" on the labeling! YUM! It has a smooth creamy but heavy texture when rubbed between your fingers.  A little goes a long way with this product.  I used about a finger full for each section that i mentioned earlier.  Once dried my hair was shiny, it felt and non greasy to the touch.  It felt soft and not crunchy and it made for a gorgeous Wash N Go style. (Pic above) My husband could not keep his nose out of my hair!  It smells fantastic! This product will find itself in my "Must haves" rotation very soon.  I love it!  
The SistahChick & Jeannell Darden, Creator of Coco Curls

Have you ever tried Coco Curls?

Click here to read about the event ~ Coco Curls & Conversation!

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