Friday, May 24, 2013

The Sistah Cafe Has MOVED!!

Greetings Faithful Sistah Cafe Reader!

The Sistah Cafe has moved to a new location!  We are re-branding with a whole new look and feel.  Please pop on over to The NEW Sistah Cafe!  Be sure to join our new mailing list when you get there so that you can stay update to date with all things related to Natural Hair - Atlanta - Life

Here is a link ~~~> The NEW Sistah Cafe

Please let me know what you think.

I Will no Longer be posting here!!

Thanks for reading!

Peace :-)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

R & B Diva's Red Carpet 2nd Season Premiere Party

I hadn't planned on attending this event, but somehow I ended up there in VIP (Thanks Sherita).  Like some kind of weird dream, there I was suddenly knee deep in reality TV show divas!  I won't lie some of the reality shows especially those that involve "wives" are my guilty pleasure.  You can go discuss the morality of the shows characters with someone else. I must admit that I am not that familiar with TV One's R n B Diva's at all.  All I know is that I sat next to Nicci Gilbert the whole night. (I used to love me some Brownstone!) Some I recognized some I didn't but I had a great time none the less and the Museum Bar was great.  Check out my pics.

w/Mama Dee from Love & Hip Hop ATL

Lovely Chicks
Oh Nikka and The V-Bar Lady

Chanita Foster from VH 1's Football Wives

w/Mariah from Married to Medicine

w/ Nicci Gilbert from R&B Divas

Designer Sir Algernon

w/ designer Dia Bocage

w/ the beautiful Oh Nikka

 Do you have a favorite reality TV star?  Go ahead and list them, I won't tell anyone that you watch too!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The May FitChick Challenge

I swore that I'd never ever get involved in any online "challenges".  There are a LOT of them.  You've got Cinnamon Challenges, Hair Growth Challenges, Instagram Daily Pic Challenges, Salad Challenges, you name it and there's a "challenge" for it.   So when I got an email from my fellow blogging colleague @4cHairChick about another "challenge" I won't lie, I rolled my eyes.   But then I actually took the time to read what she was proposing and by the time I got done reading I was ALL in.
Welcome to The May FitChick Challenge!
...this is not your typical fitness challenge. There is no weightloss goal, there are no excercise goals, and there are no diet goals. This challenge is different. This challenge is not about the moment, tomorrow or even this month. This challenge is about our quality of life, our future, and our ability to make an impact. ~@4cHairChick

For the entire month of May, I the SistahChick, promise to make small adjustments everyday in an effort to begin to improve my emotional, mental and physical health.

Because I like this idea so much, I even took things a step further by volunteering to be a "Fit Chick Ambassador" along with @4ChairChick and 3 other bloggers!  Together we will cheer you on and motivate YOU as we also improve ourselves during this challenge.  Meet each Fit Chick Ambassador, follow us all on twitter and "like" our facebook pages for motivation, inspiration and updates!

Twitter: @TheSistahChick

Our Host!
Twitter: @4CHairChick

Twitter: @TheCocoNatural

Twitter: @NaturalHairAds

The hardest part about setting any goal is simply getting started. Join Us on this challenge and kick start your healthy lifestyle!!  You can join by visiting my sistahfriends page May FitChick Challenge.

Don't forget to "like" each of our pages!

Happy May!

Atlanta Natural Hair Care Professional (ANHC Pro) Lunch

Atlanta Natural Hair Care is Georgia's Resource for Natural Hair Care. Its online social network consists of people with a variety of natural hair experiences.
ANHC Pro is their group of professional stylists.  Through professional services including education, marketing, and advocacy Atlanta Natural Hair Care, Inc. helps foster the growth and professionalism of Atlanta's natural hair care industry. ~
Every 3rd Sunday they meet for lunch and learn about ideas, products, services, issues, and events that are relevant to the natural hair care.  
As Social Media Partner for ANHC I get the unique opportunity to attend and listen in on these sessions. Atlanta Natural Hair Care is doing wonderful things in the natural hair community in Georgia and I am pleased to be able to bring them to you.  
April's installment of ANHC's Pro Lunch Series focused on the business basics of natural hair care.  Educator and Salon Owner, Nekesa J. Smith, spoke to the attendees about how to use their skills to expand into other areas of the hair care industry.  

Not only has Nekesa created her own line of products but she also has a non profit organization and is writing a book among other things.

A light lunch was served as members listened and also asked question.

World's Top Natural Hair model, Jessica Williams, was in attendance to talk to us about her duties and to give away 2 tickets to Taliah Waajid's World Natural Hair Health & Beauty Show.  

ANHC Pro Lunch ended with face to face networking.

World's Top Natural Hair Model Jessica Williams and Elaine Truesdale of ANHC

If you are a stylist in Atlanta who is interested in learning more about natural hair care and growing your business check out Atlanta Natural Hair Care Professional.
For more info on Atlanta Natural Hair Care and all that it has to offer, please click here
To see more pics from the ANHC Pro Lunch (April) click here

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fro Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2013 - Bloggers, Brands & Brunch

Bloggers, Brands & Brunch is an event that is a part of Fro Fashion Week.  It brings together bloggers/vloggers who are at the top of their game in the Social Networking industry with up and coming bloggers who are just getting started or who are interested in knowing more about building their brands.  This year's Guest Speaker was none other than the fabulous Chary Jay.  Chary Jay is a You Tube all star who showcases her gorgeous face and natural tresses through her VERY popular YouTube Channel 160Days2Lose2.  Chary Jay has over 50k subscribers and has it all figured out when it comes to building your brand and growing your audience.  The setting for this brunch was the spacious Twisted Oaks restaurant located in the lobby of the Marriott Perimeter Center where the rest of the Fro Fashion Week festivities were being held.


@CocoaReport & @NaturalHairintheMedia

Kinky Hair Affair

Fro Fashion Week CEO and Blogger's Brands & Brunch host Ms. Tarin Boone introduces us to the guest speaker, Chary Jay.

Here are a few of the key points that Chary Jay touched on during her keynote address:

Make sure that you are fresh!

There are so many bloggers and vloggers out there.  Be sure that you presenting something unique and new.

Be honest!

Make sure that you are honest from the beginning and that you come across that way in your vids and posts

Collaborate with others!

Whether its other You Tubers or other Bloggers collaboration is a good way to stay fresh and promote your brand

Have Fun!

Remember to have fun doing what you do.  Don't take yourself too seriously

Chary Jay gave many other tips of the trade and also advice.

Chary Jay

Some of the Brands that were in the house were Curls Unleashed and JessiCurl.  There were many of Atlanta's top bloggers there as well.  Bringing them all together for this brunch was genius.

You Tuber Black Onyx was there representing her Alikay Naturals Product line.

I learned so much from Chary Jay and really had a great time socializing and networking.  Fro Fashion Week has many components.  Blogger's Brands & Brunch is one of my favorites.

Click Here for the entire Fro Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 recap.
Click Here to see all of the pics from Bloggers, Brands & Brunch

Have you ever attended Fro Fashion Week?  If so, what was your favorite part?

Atlanta Tastemaker Magazine's 1st Annual B. FAB Awards

B. FAB stands for Bloggers in Fashion & Beauty.  The B. FAB Awards Brunch brought to you by Atlanta Tastemaker Magazine was a celebration of Atlanta's top bloggers who have made amazing contributions to the fashion and beauty industry. (from the flyer)  And OH what a celebration it was!  Held inside the beautifully grungy Ambient Studio, Atlanta's urban warehouse district was the perfect contrasting backdrop for this trendy, upscale affair.

I love blogging.  I love natural hair.  I love my sisters.  I love Atlanta.  This was the place to be for me.  Guests were invited to network and mingle during the buffet style brunch.

with my curlfriends
Julia of and Nikka Shae of

Most of the nominees are people that I already know and love.  It was great to see them be honored.  Its not easy being a blogger/vlogger and putting yourself out there for the world to critique.  Much respect for them all.

Best Blogger Nominees
Lexi & Arkeedah

Best Vlogger Nominee
Mae aka Natural Chica

Best Vlogger Nominees
Kiki & Farrah of Mahogany Knots

Atlanta's natural hair community really embraced this event.  
After all natural hair has been become synonymous with Fashion and Beauty.  

Fan Favorite Nominee & Winner
Tarin Boone
CEO of Naturally Me Media (Fro Fashion Week)

The mellow sounds of a live band is what every event needs in my opinion.

The coolest thing ever was Social Box!  Social Box is a unique Photo & Video booth that allows the event host to document what the guests are experiencing and thinking during the event!

Check me out inside the Social Box!

The awards portion was very organized and well executed.  Guests were seated comfortably and treated to gift bags.

Between the presentation of the nominees and the announcement of the winners there was a fashion show.  The models rocked the runway!

Best vlogger nominee and winner
Kela of Naturally Kela

I had a wonderful time at this event and will definitely attend again.  Kudos to Atlanta Tastemaker Magazine for doing something different and putting on such an awesome upscale gathering.  Congratulations to all of the nominees and especially to the winners.  Events like these are why I love Atlanta.

To see more pictures CLICK HERE

What types of events do you like to attend in your area?