Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The May FitChick Challenge

I swore that I'd never ever get involved in any online "challenges".  There are a LOT of them.  You've got Cinnamon Challenges, Hair Growth Challenges, Instagram Daily Pic Challenges, Salad Challenges, you name it and there's a "challenge" for it.   So when I got an email from my fellow blogging colleague @4cHairChick about another "challenge" I won't lie, I rolled my eyes.   But then I actually took the time to read what she was proposing and by the time I got done reading I was ALL in.
Welcome to The May FitChick Challenge!
...this is not your typical fitness challenge. There is no weightloss goal, there are no excercise goals, and there are no diet goals. This challenge is different. This challenge is not about the moment, tomorrow or even this month. This challenge is about our quality of life, our future, and our ability to make an impact. ~@4cHairChick

For the entire month of May, I the SistahChick, promise to make small adjustments everyday in an effort to begin to improve my emotional, mental and physical health.

Because I like this idea so much, I even took things a step further by volunteering to be a "Fit Chick Ambassador" along with @4ChairChick and 3 other bloggers!  Together we will cheer you on and motivate YOU as we also improve ourselves during this challenge.  Meet each Fit Chick Ambassador, follow us all on twitter and "like" our facebook pages for motivation, inspiration and updates!

Twitter: @TheSistahChick

Our Host!
Twitter: @4CHairChick

Twitter: @TheCocoNatural

Twitter: @NaturalHairAds

The hardest part about setting any goal is simply getting started. Join Us on this challenge and kick start your healthy lifestyle!!  You can join by visiting my sistahfriends page May FitChick Challenge.

Don't forget to "like" each of our pages!

Happy May!


  1. haha, I'm glad I won you over. I'm so excited were doing this. God knows as many people I've lost to health issues it's high time I got my health in order.

    1. Same here sis! Thanks for inviting me to join you!


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