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Fro Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2013 - Bloggers, Brands & Brunch

Bloggers, Brands & Brunch is an event that is a part of Fro Fashion Week.  It brings together bloggers/vloggers who are at the top of their game in the Social Networking industry with up and coming bloggers who are just getting started or who are interested in knowing more about building their brands.  This year's Guest Speaker was none other than the fabulous Chary Jay.  Chary Jay is a You Tube all star who showcases her gorgeous face and natural tresses through her VERY popular YouTube Channel 160Days2Lose2.  Chary Jay has over 50k subscribers and has it all figured out when it comes to building your brand and growing your audience.  The setting for this brunch was the spacious Twisted Oaks restaurant located in the lobby of the Marriott Perimeter Center where the rest of the Fro Fashion Week festivities were being held.


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Kinky Hair Affair

Fro Fashion Week CEO and Blogger's Brands & Brunch host Ms. Tarin Boone introduces us to the guest speaker, Chary Jay.

Here are a few of the key points that Chary Jay touched on during her keynote address:

Make sure that you are fresh!

There are so many bloggers and vloggers out there.  Be sure that you presenting something unique and new.

Be honest!

Make sure that you are honest from the beginning and that you come across that way in your vids and posts

Collaborate with others!

Whether its other You Tubers or other Bloggers collaboration is a good way to stay fresh and promote your brand

Have Fun!

Remember to have fun doing what you do.  Don't take yourself too seriously

Chary Jay gave many other tips of the trade and also advice.

Chary Jay

Some of the Brands that were in the house were Curls Unleashed and JessiCurl.  There were many of Atlanta's top bloggers there as well.  Bringing them all together for this brunch was genius.

You Tuber Black Onyx was there representing her Alikay Naturals Product line.

I learned so much from Chary Jay and really had a great time socializing and networking.  Fro Fashion Week has many components.  Blogger's Brands & Brunch is one of my favorites.

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Have you ever attended Fro Fashion Week?  If so, what was your favorite part?

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