Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Presidential Inauguration Day - 2009

I did not eat today, until after the Inauguration. My thought was that the inauguration of America's 44th President - Barack Obama was something that I would never see in my lifetime. I did not want to take a chance and choke on my breakfast and miss the whole thing! Think about how many people died before noon today. They didnt get to witness the swearing in of our 1st African American President. I spent the day creating a video diary of my self and my family and how we spent the day. In the future when someone asks where i was on this day, I can just hand them a flash drive. My emotions ran the gammut today, from highly elevated excitement to sheer nervousness, to the surreal. I felt many things, but mainly I felt pride. I had an extra little pep in my step today. I did EVERYthing with pride today. I cried when I listened to Rick Warren's prayer. I smiled when I saw The President and First Lady get out of the car and walk. I laughed with joy when they showed the footage live from Kenya with thousand of people celebrating their native son. I screamed when he raised his right hand!! Mr. President Obama looked so dashing and suave, but also strong, confident and determined. His vibe was very evident. First Lady Michelle...omg! What an elegant and lovely woman she is. Her demeanor is submissive, the way she looks at him, it is also strong...that is HER man, and she has his ear and his back before any other...The adminstration needs to recognize that imo. Michelle is a very well versed, educated and intelligent Black woman. She is not to be messed with....believe that. My husband expressed it this way, "Babe? It's 2009... We are in our 40's, aaand we got a Black President! What the????" LMAO When my daughter came home from school, she said, "Mommy, I think I will be the first black FEMALE president!" And she can be. SHE can be. she CAN be. I am emotionally exhausted. In the eloquent words of Ms. Erykah Badhu... "Oh what a day...What a day, what a day..."

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sausage & Cream Cheese Breakfast Rolls

This is a family fav. I make these rolls whenever I have a day off and the whole fam is at home.

16oz breakfast sausage
8 oz Cream Cheese
1/4 cup finely chopped onion
4 cans Crescent Rolls

Turn your oven on to 350 and sit your Cream Cheese in the center of your stove. This softens it to get it ready for this recipe. Brown your sausage in a skillet like you would hamburger meat for tacos, when the meat is almost done cooking, toss in your onions and continue cooking until the sausage is completely done. Drain. Toss your Cream Cheese into the skillet with the sausage(slice the cream cheese up in cubes to make it easier to blend.). Stir this mixture over a low flame until it is creamy. Open your Crescent Rolls and begin to place a spoonful of the Sausage/Cream Cheese mixture into the center. fold the two small corners of the crescent rolls up, with the mixture in the middle and then roll. Place each roll on on a cookie sheet until the sheet is full with a reasonable space between each roll. Bake in the preheated oven according to the Crescent Roll instructions. When they are golden brown they are done. Remove from the oven and cool. You may have some of the mixture left. You can store this in the fridge and use it again. It will stay fresh for about a week if sealed and refridgerated properly. Serve with grape jelly, although some of my guests have requested salsa, ketchup, syrup etc. as garnishes. Whateva's your flava. Enjoy!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Discoveries

What is Daylight Savings Time? Is the moon really made of cheese? How do you make a street? Will you live on the moon with me when i become an astronaut? How does the toothfairy know when my teeth fall out? Can I stay with you forever? These are just some of the questions that I have been asked by my daughter recently. She is 6 years old. Some i can answer, some I can't. But all are Intriguing to me. It's the way her mind works. She hasn't seen a lot, so everything is brand new to her, and she wants to know all about it. New discovery must be amazing. I gave her a chocolate covered pretzel during the holidays. Her eyes lit up with amazement, with the first bite. When she could talk she said, "Wow! That tastes good Mommy!, who invented these?" lol. She really cracks me up. But imagine tasting that sweet chocolate together with the crispy, slightly salty, crunch of a pretzel for the 1st time!! Amazing I would think. So through my daughter I am learning to be delighted in new discoveries. It doesnt even matter how small the discovery is. I just noticed just today, that when the morning sun hits our french deck doors in a certain way, i can see some swirlies, drawn by a little 6 year old finger on the glass of one of the panes. My sister was over yesterday and i was watching her face as she talked... I rediscovered how pretty she is. The list goes on...and so do I...Pay attention to the small things

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wow! What a year! If the rest of 2009 is going to be anything like the way we brought it in, then we are in for another GREAT Year! We brought in the New Year @ home, like we do every year. I believe that you ought to bring each year in the way you intend to live it. For me it is with Peace, Prosperity, & Family. My husband, my daughter and I sat in front of a fire, with The New Years Rockin Eve fesitivites on TV in the background. I prepared Gumbo, Collard Greens, CornBread, Corn on the Cob, Sweet Potatoes and Rice. We watched the ball drop as well as the Peach Drop (Atl) in the comfort of our own home. I poured libations of Sparkling wine for my hubby and I, and Sparkling Grape Juice for my daughter. We toasted the new year and hugged and kissed one another @ the stroke of midnite. Once the rest of my family members brought in their own New Years (most spent @ Church Watch Services), everyone convened at my house for food and drink. Not many, just 9 - w/My Mom and Dad, and My Sister and her hubby, my son and his girlfriend.. We ate and drank into the wee hours of the morning. We brought 2009 in with Peace, Tranquility, Satisfaction, Fullfillment, Laughter, & Smiles. So if my wish is fulfilled for 2009, I will apply our traditions in this way. The feast that i prepared represents Prosperity. The love that we shared, represents Peace. Our togetherness represents Family. It will be a great year.

Mi Familia

Mom & Dad

Sis & Hubby

Son & GF