Friday, January 16, 2009

New Discoveries

What is Daylight Savings Time? Is the moon really made of cheese? How do you make a street? Will you live on the moon with me when i become an astronaut? How does the toothfairy know when my teeth fall out? Can I stay with you forever? These are just some of the questions that I have been asked by my daughter recently. She is 6 years old. Some i can answer, some I can't. But all are Intriguing to me. It's the way her mind works. She hasn't seen a lot, so everything is brand new to her, and she wants to know all about it. New discovery must be amazing. I gave her a chocolate covered pretzel during the holidays. Her eyes lit up with amazement, with the first bite. When she could talk she said, "Wow! That tastes good Mommy!, who invented these?" lol. She really cracks me up. But imagine tasting that sweet chocolate together with the crispy, slightly salty, crunch of a pretzel for the 1st time!! Amazing I would think. So through my daughter I am learning to be delighted in new discoveries. It doesnt even matter how small the discovery is. I just noticed just today, that when the morning sun hits our french deck doors in a certain way, i can see some swirlies, drawn by a little 6 year old finger on the glass of one of the panes. My sister was over yesterday and i was watching her face as she talked... I rediscovered how pretty she is. The list goes on...and so do I...Pay attention to the small things

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