Sunday, September 20, 2009

Atlanta Natural Hair Meet Up - 09/19

After checking my e-mail and perusing the web a little this past Saturday morning, I decided to see what was going on in YouTube. I was looking through my subscriptions when I saw a vid posted by LexiwiththeCurls titled "Atlanta Natural Hair Meet Up" and stating that this would happen... TOMORROW 3p - 5p!!! I nearly spilled my coffee scrambling to see the date of the video! Is tomorrow today?!!. omg!! Let me see! Low and behold tomorrow was today!! Yippeee! I am going! Let me call my girl Narazonia76 and let her know too AND better go get my toes done right quick. (trust was time) Off I go for a Mani/Pedi. I was brimming with anticipation for this event. Why is it raining cats AND dogs??? I leave the nail shop with 10 bright blue toes, get home, log on again, and guess what?? The event is CANCELLED with a possible postponement to tomorrow. The floods were just beginning in the Southeast. The exit to the area where the event was to be held was closed off due to flooding. AwwWww...Well...ok. So what. I'll go tomorrow! I chill with the family a bit, make a grocery list and prepare to get my shopping done. Before leaving, I logged on to YouTube AGAIN...lmao and guess what? The event was back on!!. postponed till 3 but still on. It turned out that the exits were back open so it was BACK on and the rest is HISTORY! I got to spend the next 2 hours of my life fellowshipping with the friendliest, most positive, highly energetic group that I have ever encountered. Sistahs...from the lightest light to the darkest dark...2b's to 4c's...16 years old to well...ok? All beautiful. All Confidant. All Natural. We represented. We talked hair, we discussed products, we laughed, we ate, we connected...I dont even want to get into the fantastic styles that i saw. These ladies were ROCKIN some do's...omg. And let me say this...its kinda cool being recognized from YouTube!! It is!! Hoping we can do it again reaaal soon :-) Until next time...

Thanks for watching & reading!