Monday, November 14, 2011

Curly Curl Cream & The Great Detangler

I have always been a big fan of Taliah Waajid's Products.  Her Black Earth Products line were some of the 1st Natural hair specific products that I ever tried and I've been using them for a few years.  They have recently added a line Curly, Waves & Naturals.  I was fortunate enough to be able to obtain a few of the products at a hairshow for a good hairshow price :-) I am happy to report that I have been using the Curly Curl Cream & The Great Detangler for about 6 months and I am LOVING the results.
(Mineral Oil is listed in the ingredients of The Great Detangler)

As stated in a previous post...

<<< I look for products that will  assist my hair in retaining moisture, while remaining soft and touchable.  I also like it to smell good...When MY hair gets moisture it spirals and shines.  If I can find a product that can make this last for a week, then I feel like its a good product.  I believe that my hair is thin type 4a/4b. It enjoys a thick, creamy, leave in conditioner.>>>

I will also add that I am perfectly happy with my hair and its texture, my goal is never to change that, however, I am ok with enhancing what I already have.

The Great Detangler & The Curly Curl Cream meet all of MY requirements, leaving my hair shiny, moisturized and soft to the touch.  I can get this to last for a week with daily refreshing.  

I use both of these products as a leave in (yes I mix in a little of The Great Detangler in with my Curly Curl Cream) and apply it to wet hair and let air dry for a wash n go.  Along with producing great results, these products are also economical and easily obtainable since you can get them at Walgreens, Target, Etc.

Taliah Waajid's Curly Curl Cream, The Great Detangler &
Curl Sealer (haven't tried the Curl Sealer yet!)

Have you tried these products?  I'd love to know what you think about them!