Monday, November 14, 2011

Curly Curl Cream & The Great Detangler

I have always been a big fan of Taliah Waajid's Products.  Her Black Earth Products line were some of the 1st Natural hair specific products that I ever tried and I've been using them for a few years.  They have recently added a line Curly, Waves & Naturals.  I was fortunate enough to be able to obtain a few of the products at a hairshow for a good hairshow price :-) I am happy to report that I have been using the Curly Curl Cream & The Great Detangler for about 6 months and I am LOVING the results.
(Mineral Oil is listed in the ingredients of The Great Detangler)

As stated in a previous post...

<<< I look for products that will  assist my hair in retaining moisture, while remaining soft and touchable.  I also like it to smell good...When MY hair gets moisture it spirals and shines.  If I can find a product that can make this last for a week, then I feel like its a good product.  I believe that my hair is thin type 4a/4b. It enjoys a thick, creamy, leave in conditioner.>>>

I will also add that I am perfectly happy with my hair and its texture, my goal is never to change that, however, I am ok with enhancing what I already have.

The Great Detangler & The Curly Curl Cream meet all of MY requirements, leaving my hair shiny, moisturized and soft to the touch.  I can get this to last for a week with daily refreshing.  

I use both of these products as a leave in (yes I mix in a little of The Great Detangler in with my Curly Curl Cream) and apply it to wet hair and let air dry for a wash n go.  Along with producing great results, these products are also economical and easily obtainable since you can get them at Walgreens, Target, Etc.

Taliah Waajid's Curly Curl Cream, The Great Detangler &
Curl Sealer (haven't tried the Curl Sealer yet!)

Have you tried these products?  I'd love to know what you think about them!


  1. I absolutely love Taliah Waajid's Curly Cream and Detangler! It has been one of the best product for my hair. When I tell people what I use they have no idea what I am talking about, so it is refreshing to know that someone else knows about and uses this wonderful product as well. I have tried the Curl Sealer and did not like the results because after getting the softness and thickness the Curly Curl Cream, it left my hair "slippery" and did not give me the full curl pattern i was use to achieving.

    Thank you for an awesome article....

    ~Rich Beauty

  2. @RichBeauty ~ I think folks are sleeping on these products!! Glad that you know and love these products as well. Thanks for much for taking the time to leave a comment :-)

  3. I've seen these products for years but I only tried them 6 months ago.. The sealer is the bomb and whenever I can get off my lazy butt I will review them. You're right quality products for quality prices...


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