Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Bronner Bros 2010 Mid Winter International Hair & Beauty Show - Atlanta

I had a GREAT time at this event!! This is the 1st hairshow that I have ever attended and I couldnt have picked a better place to lose my hairshow virginity than the The Bronner Bros 2010 Mid Winter International Hair & Beauty Show. It was very crowded so it's good that everything was super organized. This show runs from February 20th - February 23rd. If you are into hair and in ATL this weekend you might want to check it out. I chose the $40 1 day Exhibit Hall Pass. (There are many other pricing options available, including 3 day VIP passes. See the website for details ) The Exhibit Hall Pass gives you access to over 300 displays of the best (or worst) that Black Hair Care has to offer. Being a Natural Chick, a lot of it did not pertain to me, but it was still fun to look & listen. I loved the many mini productions that took place from aisle to aisle. The lights, the action, the drama... it was good fun.

Even though this show did not cater to Naturals, I was able to bump into a few well known Natural Hair Product Vendors such as:

Wendy & Kim, the creators of Mixed Chicks. These 2 Chicks were super cool. It was a pleasure to meet them. It was even more cool that Kim knew who I was when I got there! (These girls really do watch our YouTube videos regarding their products!) It blew me away that she was just as excited to meet me as I was to meet her!

I spent some time @ The Taliah Waajid booth, and got a fantastic deal on some 32 oz bulk size products that I use already and some that I have yet to try. These sizes were being sold 2 for $30. I have been a fan of the TW Products for awhile, so this made me very happy and I stocked up. I got 2 of the 32 oz Herbal Condish, 1 - 32 oz Protective Mist Bodifier and 1 - 32 oz Total Body Shampoo. I have never tried the Protective Mist Bodifier before so looking forward to that. I also learned about TW's New Kinky, Wavy, Natural Kids line. (info regarding this line coming soon to Our Natural Kids - join today so you wont miss it! ) The folks running this booth were very informative and gave so many compliments regarding my natural hair, that i wanted to stay with them and never leave. Check out my review of TW Products

I got the deal of the century @ The Jane Carter Solution Booth. I have been wanting to try these products for awhile, so being able to get the full size 8 oz bottles for $5 bucks a piece motivates me :-) Stay tuned to my YouTube Channel for a review ( ) Here is what I got:

4 oz Nourish & Shine
8 oz Revitalizing Leave In Condish
8 oz Hydrating Invigorating Shampoo - (SLS FREE) **New
8 oz Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner

I really liked the fact that Clairol used this beautiful Natural haired model during the exhibition for their Beautiful Collection.

Unfortunately I could not find any White Shea butter, every vendor that I saw only had the yellow kind.

These really cool earrings caught my eye... Thank you Earring Lady

It was a great way to spend a few hours, and I'd say it was worth it. Shouts out to my hubby for going with me and carrying all of my stuff :-) If you went tell me what you thought of it.

Can't wait to attend the Natural Hair Show in April 2010!!

Thanks for reading!!

The SistahChick

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our Natural Kids

What a great time for Naturals! We live in a time where information can be shared and gathered with the touch of a mousepad. We can reach out to one another, learn from one another and make real connections from the comfort of our own homes. When I started my own Natural journey back in 2006 I had no idea of the wealth of information that was available. I continued my journey just the same, but without the support of other sistahs that had taken the steps before me. Today we have the YouTube Natural Hair Movement, which I am thrilled to say that I am a part of. Sistahs world wide are experimenting, learning, sharing, teaching...its a beautiful thing.

Recently, my daughter and I put together a brief 4 part video series on YouTube. ( The videos demonstrate the different methods and techniques that are used on my daughters (The LittleChick) natural hair. As a result of those videos we received an overwhelming amount of feedback (ideas, questions and comments) regarding the care and maintenance of our childrens kinky/curly/nappy hair.
While there are tons of blogs, sites, and YT vids dedicated to adult natural haircare, we dont find equal support for Our Natural Kids. SO...we decided to create a place devoted to our babies, where like minded folks can gather, blog, meet, share pics/vids, network and chat all in one.
Our Natural Kids is a Ning Network set up to do just that!

I believe that teaching our children to love and respect themselves just the way they are is very important and letting them love their natural hair is just the beginning!

Please Join Us!

The SistahChick