Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our Natural Kids

What a great time for Naturals! We live in a time where information can be shared and gathered with the touch of a mousepad. We can reach out to one another, learn from one another and make real connections from the comfort of our own homes. When I started my own Natural journey back in 2006 I had no idea of the wealth of information that was available. I continued my journey just the same, but without the support of other sistahs that had taken the steps before me. Today we have the YouTube Natural Hair Movement, which I am thrilled to say that I am a part of. Sistahs world wide are experimenting, learning, sharing, teaching...its a beautiful thing.

Recently, my daughter and I put together a brief 4 part video series on YouTube. ( The videos demonstrate the different methods and techniques that are used on my daughters (The LittleChick) natural hair. As a result of those videos we received an overwhelming amount of feedback (ideas, questions and comments) regarding the care and maintenance of our childrens kinky/curly/nappy hair.
While there are tons of blogs, sites, and YT vids dedicated to adult natural haircare, we dont find equal support for Our Natural Kids. SO...we decided to create a place devoted to our babies, where like minded folks can gather, blog, meet, share pics/vids, network and chat all in one.
Our Natural Kids is a Ning Network set up to do just that!

I believe that teaching our children to love and respect themselves just the way they are is very important and letting them love their natural hair is just the beginning!

Please Join Us!

The SistahChick


  1. AWESOME!!! Thanks so much, I will share this with others!

  2. @CAdams: Thank YOU for checking it out!


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