Monday, January 25, 2010

The SistahChick's YouTube Channel!

I am sure that I have made reference to my YouTube Channel before, but please allow me to formerly introduce it to you. In April 2009, I decided that I would like to chronicle my Natural hair journey among other things in a way that documented as well as expressed the real me, doin what I do best and thats running my mouth! LOL. So I set up a YouTube Channel and the rest is history. By joining all of the very knowledgeable ladies of the YouTube Natural Hair Movement not only have i made some really cool friends, but I have also gotten and given some truly wonderful advice. Even though I decided to go Natural and BC'd back in 2006, I had never actually gotten to know my tresses very well, and was limited to simple Puff with Headband styles. I knew nothing about properly moisturizing, curl defining, conditioning...none of that. It was through YouTube that I learned how to properly care for, style and pamper my gorgeous 4a- 4b hair. I continue to learn daily and share knowledge as I go. As you will see, I have gotten my entire family involved in my journey and we are having lots of fun. Its been especially exciting for me and my little girl who is affectionately referred to as "The LittleChick". My decision to go Natural has opened up the door to so many things, and even led me to quit smoking! (I have been nicotene free, since June 19, 2009!!! - Check out the Freedom Series below!) Well enough with the intro... see for yourself :-) Below are several links. I hope you enjoy!

This link will take you directly to my channel, The SistahChick's Spot. Here you can view all of my videos, playlists, favorites, and also check out my friends & subscribers lists plus other need to know info!

I have taken the care to categorize some of the videos that I have made into playlists (videos grouped together by topic)

Fierce 'Do's' & Smokin Hot HairStyles
Here you will see a variety of seriously HOT Natural hairstyles!!

Methods & Techniques
Here are some tried and true Methods and Techniques!!

Natural HairCare - Product Reviews
I have tried many products during my journey and will try many more, this link will play a list of the video reviews for some of my favs!
(Remember, I am not a professional, so all of the opinions given are specific to my own personal experiences!!)

Freedom - Journey to Be Smoke Free
My Freedom Series!! Nicotine Addiction is serious and quitting smoking is not easy. Follow my journey to be SmokeFree!

LittleChick Hair Maintenance
This is our newest series. It chronicles my daughters haircare & maintenance

There are several other videos posted for your viewing pleasure. Please, check them out & let me know what you think. I also take requests, so if you have a question or an idea that you would like to see as it pertains to Natural Hair Care, etc. Please feel free to send me an e-mail to: All ideas will be considered.

I plan to really expand my horizons in 2010 with vids demonstrating the preparations of some of my fav recipes and also on ideas for redecorating on a budget. Please subscribe & Stay Tuned

I appreciate, as always, that you took the time to read this :-)

The SistahChick

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