Monday, May 30, 2011

Container Gardening

YES! I am giving it a try.  There is this real conscious sistah that I follow on twitter, @RaquelDog.  She has been tweeting a lot lately about her garden, as well as sharing pics.  She takes so much pride in what she does and her blooms are so beautiful.  Everything happens for a reason... I was looking for something educational to do with my LittleChick for the summer. So I looked into it. With container gardening, we can do it right out on our sunny deck and who doesnt want to grow and eat their own food, right?  So there you have it.  I checked out a few websites first, then we hit up Home Depot on Saturday night and I got what I thought we needed. 
Here is what we decided to grow:

Green Bell Peppers

At first I was headed for the established plants, but then i thought what's the fun in that, so we hit up the seeds.  Lucky for me we found some window kits, that had the containers, the seeds, and the dirt all together, so i got a few varieties of those. Then we swapped out the seeds that came with our own selections. I also got some bigger planters & moisture control soil for later when we move the seedlings.

My LittleChick was very excited about getting this going!  She wanted to start immediately.  Luckily, it was a bright & beautiful day on Sunday.  We sat together, we read all of the directions, we planned out our seeds, labeled the containers, activated the dirt pellets (yeah i said dirt pellets, give me a break ok?!)  and we sowed our seeds.

  ...As I watched her running her fingers through that fresh dirt, and smelling it, and laughing...  And I watched her amazement at the tinyness of the seeds and listened to her inquiries about how will it grow and why?  I knew that we were creating memories.  I truly enjoyed our time together and I cant wait to see what will be produced.  I will definately keep you posted!

Thanks for reading.
Peace :-)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why I Write.

I was recently tagged by @LolasGreenHair, a Twitter friend of mine.  For those of you who dont know when you are tagged it usually involves a request for you and other "Taggees" to perform a task.  Whether it be responding with a YouTube video or a blogpost etc.  You have to do what they ask as well as tag others when you are finished.  That being said, I have been asked to blog about, "Why I Write."  An excerpt from Lola's post...
"...I had no earthly idea that I would gain so much from blogging! That said, I’m asking you (tag, you’re it!): NaturalbyLTheSistahChickHGKWW, OnyxxRose, and AisForAlexWhy do you write? Let us know in a post and tag 5 more bloggers. And while you’re at it, share 3 pearls of wisdom for other current or aspiring bloggers. "
hmmm?  That's a good question.  Why do I write?  I dont necessarily consider myself to be a writer.  I do like to talk.  To me writing is like talking.  I like to tell stories.  I think I have a lot of interesting things to say.  If you follow me on Twitter then know that this is true.  Like me, my stories don't give everything, but just enough to entertain you.  But its really just me talking. 

3 pearls of wisdom...
*Always be true to yourself.
*Don't ever do it for the money
*Respond to your comments

Thank you @Lola'sGreenHair for tagging me :-)  Ya'll please check her out

and with that I tag @CurlHue @1984Lips4daze @willufight4life @KeeKeeAllNatural @AJCiti . (tag! you are it!)  Ladies please tell us in a post, Why You Write?  Please also tag 5 others and offer them 3 pearls of wisdom for other writers/bloggers :-)

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ebony HBCU Campus Queens!

I am so very proud to announce that my niece, Lateia Taylor, has graduated from AND was voted Miss Tougaloo College 2010 -2011.  She is now in the running to be featured in Ebony Magazine's HBCU Campus Queens September 2011 issue.  My niece is super intelligent and is on her way to med school to be a neonatologist.  She is an athlete (she played basketball for Tougaloo 2007-2008) She is also very beautiful and an all around wonderful person.  We need YOUR help to make her dream of appearing in Ebony Magazine possible. 
Below you will find her promo video as well as a link to vote for her to appear in the magazine.  VOTING BEGINS 5/23 through 5/29.  EVERY VOTE counts, so please help me out by helping my niece.  She is so deserving.
(Remember to pause the Music Player (at the bottom of this page) before reviewing the vid :-))

THIS IS THE LINK TO VOTE on 5/23 - 5/29!!!

I thank you in advance for helping this wonderful girl achieve her dream :-)

Thanks again as always for reading.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Natural Hair Cruisin 2011!

Wow!  Natural Hair ladies sure do know how to kick it!  There are 3 Natural Hair cruises going on in October 2011!!  They sound like they are gonna be SO much fun, maybe I'll get on one, maybe not, but I definately wanted to bring the info to you!

Atlanta Naturals Presents...A Natural Voyage.  5 Day Caribbean Cruise ~ October 17th - 22nd (This Cruise leaves from Tampa, FL)

go to for more info!

Showing My Roots Natural Hair Presents...North American Naturals Cruise ~ 5 Day Baja Mexico Cruise ~ October 10th - 14th (This cruise leaves from Long Beach, CA)

My Hairitage Holistic Hair Care Presents... 3rd Annual The Hairitage Holistic Hair & Wellness Cruise ~ October 15th - 19th, 2011 (This cruise leaves from Baltimore, Md.)

Go to for more info!

Ladies, no matter where you are in the U.S. there is a CRUISE for you!!  If you go Please come back and tell me about it!  Who knows you MIGHT just see me on one!
Have a GREAT Summer!

Thanks as always, for reading :-)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Curly Girls Rock & World Natural Hair Show HAULs!!

It goes with out saying that I had a BALL this year at Atlanta's "Natural Hair Weekend" April 29th & 30th.  I kicked it off Friday night at The Curly Girls Rock soiree at Harlem Nights and I finished it with a fun filled visit to The World Natural Hair Health & Beauty Show on Saturday, April 30th.  You can view my videos for BOTH events on my You tube Channel:  The SistahChick's Spot. 

The SistahChick Attends Curly Girls Rock
The SistahChick & The LittleChick Attend the World Natural Hair Show

My documention of the weekend's events would not be complete without a "HAUL" report.  Don't you just love a good haul?  A "Haul" if you dont know, is the end sum of all items obtained in abundance from events, expos, shopping trips, etc.  It doesnt matter if the items are freebies or purchases, if you love them, you got them and you brought them home... its a haul! 

Curly Girls Rock sent EVERYbody home with something!  I mean they were giving away SO much stuff it was crazy!  They had door prizes, gift bags, samples, raffles, you name it.  We were presented with a bag at the door.  Inside the bag was:  A water bottle from Harlem Nights, and Samples from Mixed Chicks, Oyin Handmade, Darcy's Botanicals, Hair Rules, SofNfree & Pooka Pure & Simple.  African Pride was there giving out samples, I saw Miss Jessie's gift bags too and there was MUCH more!

I even won a raffle!  I was so excited when they called my ticket # and ESPECIALLY since my prize was a Sage Naturalceuticals Gift Set.  It included:  Full size bottles of Oyin Handmade's Greg Juice & Honey Hemp Conditioner, A coupon for 10% off and a gift card for $25!!!  What a night! 

I Just LOVE a good giveaway!!

The next day we went to the World Natural Hair show.  I must say that I was disappointed that I could not get the Jane Carter items that I wanted.  I had planned to try a few new things as well as stock up on some stuff.  Unfortunately, about 20 thousand people beat me to it.  Oh well, since i couldn't get that stuff I moved on to other things.

Just a few things
...other bangles and baubles

I love, love, love my Uncle Funky's Extra Butter.  Lucky for me they were there and fully stocked!
I was already a fan of Pura Body Naturals products, so i picked up some Sapote Hair Lotion & Capuacu Hair Butter.  I also saw Afroveda there and decided to pick a couple of their products to try.  I wonder if my hair will agree with their Moisture Milk Herbal Hair Conditioner and/or the Curl Define Hair Butter Cream.  I will be sure to let you know! 

The JessiCurl products looked interesting and smelled great.  The lady at the booth was so nice I had to get some Too Shea Extra Moisturizing Conditioner.  I cant wait to try it! 

Since the hair show I have given Taliah Waajid's Curls, Waves, & Naturals line a try.  I picked up the Curly Curl Cream, Curl Sealer and The Great Detangler.  Stay tuned for the review!  In addition, I picked up a few sets of TW's Kinky Wavy Natural Kids line to be used for giveaways.  Each set includes:  Berry Clean, Style & Shine, and Herbal Comb Out.

Can you say, "Happy Camper"??  I am gonna have so much fun trying out and reporting everything to you!  Stay tuned!

Thanks as always for reading
Peace :-)