Monday, May 30, 2011

Container Gardening

YES! I am giving it a try.  There is this real conscious sistah that I follow on twitter, @RaquelDog.  She has been tweeting a lot lately about her garden, as well as sharing pics.  She takes so much pride in what she does and her blooms are so beautiful.  Everything happens for a reason... I was looking for something educational to do with my LittleChick for the summer. So I looked into it. With container gardening, we can do it right out on our sunny deck and who doesnt want to grow and eat their own food, right?  So there you have it.  I checked out a few websites first, then we hit up Home Depot on Saturday night and I got what I thought we needed. 
Here is what we decided to grow:

Green Bell Peppers

At first I was headed for the established plants, but then i thought what's the fun in that, so we hit up the seeds.  Lucky for me we found some window kits, that had the containers, the seeds, and the dirt all together, so i got a few varieties of those. Then we swapped out the seeds that came with our own selections. I also got some bigger planters & moisture control soil for later when we move the seedlings.

My LittleChick was very excited about getting this going!  She wanted to start immediately.  Luckily, it was a bright & beautiful day on Sunday.  We sat together, we read all of the directions, we planned out our seeds, labeled the containers, activated the dirt pellets (yeah i said dirt pellets, give me a break ok?!)  and we sowed our seeds.

  ...As I watched her running her fingers through that fresh dirt, and smelling it, and laughing...  And I watched her amazement at the tinyness of the seeds and listened to her inquiries about how will it grow and why?  I knew that we were creating memories.  I truly enjoyed our time together and I cant wait to see what will be produced.  I will definately keep you posted!

Thanks for reading.
Peace :-)

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  1. I'm excited! The Stevenson Family will begin this journey


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