Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint ~ Atlanta

Do you believe in love at first sight?  I hope so that you can understand what I felt when I happened into Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint last night!  I immediately fell IN LOVE with this poppin spot located on the corner of Peachtree & Ellis St (Midtown).  When I think of a "Juke Joint" I think about The Color Purple and that raggedy place they built in the swamp that was packed EVERY weekend, because they had the best music and food.  It was the place to be!  When the doors popped open we were met with wonderful sounds & mashup stylings of the band Gritz & Jelly Butter.  As we waited and were seated, we listened to these guys cover many favs from R & B, hip hop, rock... you name it.  I heard a lil Ye, little OutKast, some Phil Collins, Jilly...the list goes on.  Atmosphere is everything in this open concept dinner club...
A beautiful 3d mural graced the entire wall on one side with a small stage to the North.

Flat screen tv's flashed throughout with the performances of many well  known hit makers from the past like Gladys Knight and the Pips, Diana Ross and The Supremes and the Jackson 5 to name a few.  The bar was behind us and packed with patrons ordering drinks such as one of the house specials, Cat Daddy Moonshine and snacking on those Juke Joint Wings.  This place was hustling and bustling, but not over crowded or rowdy.  ya know? Grown Folks.
The wait staff was impeccable in my opinion.  How hard it must be to deliver hot and delicious food while navigating through crowds who are dancing and grooving to a fabulous band.  Our server was friendly, courteous, knowledgeable about all of the dishes and very prompt with our every request.
I LOVE southern cuisine.  The menu had everything from Shrimp & Grits to Seared Duck.  I had the Catfish and Grits.

 If ya'll follow me on Twitter then you know I always have this ongoing back and forth with my friend @BeRealBlack4Me on the proper way grits should be prepared and eaten. (Mainly with or without sugar. I'll save that argument for another post!!) But when I tell you that I had an experience when these fabulous Parmesan Cheese Grits hit my tongue...mmmmYumm!  and served with coleslaw and sweet apple corn relish. As you can see it was a generous portion.  The catfish was piping hot with a nice perfectly seasoned flavor and a crunchy coating that melted in my mouth.
My friend had the Peach Glazed Alaskan Grilled Salmon served over Mashed Potatoes.  I snuck a bite and it was was to die for!

Ok what else... I dont know what else.  If you like great atmosphere, good food, excellent service, and fantastic music... go there.  I'll definitely be back.

This is my first restaurant review!
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Natural Hair Meet Up at Urban Grind - Atlanta

You know what I miss?  I miss good old fashion natural hair meet ups where you can just get together and talk.  Call me old school, but I love it when we get back to basics...CANDID face to face discussions about natural hair.  I met up with some other Atlanta Naturals at Urban Grind, a trendy little coffee shop in Atlanta.  Hosted by my girl @SwarthyDaisy we really had a wonderful evening.  It was a small gathering.  We sipped caramel machiattos, munched on paninis and enjoyed the eclectic atmosphere of Urban Grind as we discussed natural hair and what it means for us individually.  We discussed whether the "natural hair movement" was a fad. We talked about texture acceptance and we shared best tips and practices with one another and much, much more.

Our Host
Ericka aka @SwarthyDaisy

Naturals from all over Metro Atlanta
Natural Beauty
Ericka also introduced her newest baby, "Fro-Fi Collective".  It's a group whose "...goal is to talk about technology and ways to make our online lives better." I am looking forward to watching this latest project develop.  For more pics from The Urban Grind Natural Hair Meetup....
Click Here  ~~> Urban Grind Natural Hair Meet Up Pics!!

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