Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Tribute to My Husband's Mistress

I am black, but comely, ... Song of Solomon 1:5

I had met her before. A mutual friend had brought her to our home. She seemed friendly, inviting almost. I must admit, we were all drawn to her. She was slim, black and elegant. She was open and very responsive to everyone. We all enjoyed her that evening. A month after that encounter, I found out that my husband had been seeing her on occasion. It was at the home of the same friend that brought her to our house the 1st time. I wasn't alarmed by that really. I heard that there were other friends of ours at these vists as well, but still...he hadn't mentioned these rendez vous to me and that made me curious. According to my source the gatherings were innocently coincidental and nothing to worry about.
"...just people getting together for a little fun." the source would repeat.
And I did not worry, I did not inquire, and I did not investigate. I went on with my life happily married to my favorite guy. One day he sat me down and said, "Listen. We have to talk." He talked. I listened. It was then that he told me about... her. How he has been seeing her. He explained his need for her and how much fun they had together. The final blow...he wanted her to have a permanent place in our home. I didn't know what to say. He had said that he didn't want to make this decision without my input. Oddly enough I appreciated that. (Gosh it is so hard to type this) Many times in life you do things so that others can be happy. I am often guilty of this as I am sure many women are. Please don't judge me. I said yes. He promised that things between he and I would not change, that we'd have our room and she'd have hers and that if anything she'd be invisible to me. We had an extra room in our basement that she could stay in. So that was the arrangement. To be honest with you it didnt really bother me at first. She stayed in her space and I stayed in mine. We never spoke. I found them together in our room once and he quickly explained that the tv in the basement was not working so they were forced to use the one in our bedroom. I am sure by now that you must think that I am out of mind for allowing this...but I did. I love my husband and this made him happy. It wasn't so bad, that is...until I noticed him slipping out of bed in the middle of the night one night. She must have been on his mind. I could tell because he had been tossing and turning. I pretended to be sleep when he left, but I had to know. I had to see I followed him. I glided stealthily behind him as he descended 1 flight of stairs...I made note of his agility, and the care he took not to make a single sound. He was guided by the light of the moon that shined through the kitchen window. I stayed in the shadows as he flung open the door to the basement and made his final descent. I waited a moment before I cracked the door open ever so slightly. I could see the light from the television flickering. I could hear him. He was speaking very softly at first, so soft that I could barely hear him...I opened the door wider. I just had to hear what he was saying! I had to find out what they were doing! With my back against the wall I quietly slid down the stairwell, got on my knees and peeked around the corner. There he was on the couch. All I could see was his silhouette against the sharp brightness of the large screen in front of him. I could hear him laughing at first and then cursing as he caressed her and yes, she responded to his touch. I could see him squirming while stroking her smooth black skin. Digging his thumbs into her. Pushing all the right buttons and leaning back as he...SCORED!! and with that he stood up... threw down his controller... and did a victory dance that looked very odd with him in his underwear. Yep, he was playing Madden 09 on his PS2 aka his "mistress"

Ladies...LOL I hope I had you going!!!

If any of you have men in your lives that love "The Game" the way my hubby does...raise ya hands by leaving a comment! (Any game applies!)

Thanks for reading :-)