Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wow! What a year! If the rest of 2009 is going to be anything like the way we brought it in, then we are in for another GREAT Year! We brought in the New Year @ home, like we do every year. I believe that you ought to bring each year in the way you intend to live it. For me it is with Peace, Prosperity, & Family. My husband, my daughter and I sat in front of a fire, with The New Years Rockin Eve fesitivites on TV in the background. I prepared Gumbo, Collard Greens, CornBread, Corn on the Cob, Sweet Potatoes and Rice. We watched the ball drop as well as the Peach Drop (Atl) in the comfort of our own home. I poured libations of Sparkling wine for my hubby and I, and Sparkling Grape Juice for my daughter. We toasted the new year and hugged and kissed one another @ the stroke of midnite. Once the rest of my family members brought in their own New Years (most spent @ Church Watch Services), everyone convened at my house for food and drink. Not many, just 9 - w/My Mom and Dad, and My Sister and her hubby, my son and his girlfriend.. We ate and drank into the wee hours of the morning. We brought 2009 in with Peace, Tranquility, Satisfaction, Fullfillment, Laughter, & Smiles. So if my wish is fulfilled for 2009, I will apply our traditions in this way. The feast that i prepared represents Prosperity. The love that we shared, represents Peace. Our togetherness represents Family. It will be a great year.

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