Saturday, May 4, 2013

R & B Diva's Red Carpet 2nd Season Premiere Party

I hadn't planned on attending this event, but somehow I ended up there in VIP (Thanks Sherita).  Like some kind of weird dream, there I was suddenly knee deep in reality TV show divas!  I won't lie some of the reality shows especially those that involve "wives" are my guilty pleasure.  You can go discuss the morality of the shows characters with someone else. I must admit that I am not that familiar with TV One's R n B Diva's at all.  All I know is that I sat next to Nicci Gilbert the whole night. (I used to love me some Brownstone!) Some I recognized some I didn't but I had a great time none the less and the Museum Bar was great.  Check out my pics.

w/Mama Dee from Love & Hip Hop ATL

Lovely Chicks
Oh Nikka and The V-Bar Lady

Chanita Foster from VH 1's Football Wives

w/Mariah from Married to Medicine

w/ Nicci Gilbert from R&B Divas

Designer Sir Algernon

w/ designer Dia Bocage

w/ the beautiful Oh Nikka

 Do you have a favorite reality TV star?  Go ahead and list them, I won't tell anyone that you watch too!

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