Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Hair Journey Continues!!

Wow! My hair journey has been kicked into high gear! Not only have i been able to test and review several new products, but I am learning about what ingredients to look for in certain products and which ones are important for healthy hair (No Petroleum, No Cones, No Sulfates!). Some of the techniques that I have tried have given me magnificent results (Stretched Out Afros, Twist Outs, Curl Refreshers, Shingling, etc.) I have expanded my hair supplies to include various things that I didnt have before (Rat Tail Comb, Ouchless headbands, Bonnet, Wide Tooth Comb, etc). One of my new necessities include: 100% pure Shea Butter. I haven't developed a full list of staple items yet but I am getting there. Some the newest products that I have enjoyed are:

Carol's Daughter - Khoret Amen Shampoo, Conditioner w/Sea Moss & Smoothie plus Hair Milk (and for the body...Mango Melange Shea Souffle, Body Jelly)

Taliah Waajid's Black Earth Products - Herbal Cleanser, Total Body Shampoo, Enhancing Herbal Conditioner, & Loc It Up

Paul Mitchell's - The Conditioner - Leave In Moisturizer

Lush Cosmetics - Curly Wurly Conditioning Shampoo

Biolage By Matrix - Hair Conditioning Balm

Here is a short list of Natural hair terminology that may not be new to you but it was to me!

BC - aka Big Chop. this is the first step to your natural hair journey. It means that you have cut the perm out down to the new growth to start anew!

Co-Wash - Using Conditioner to wash your hair instead of Shampoo. This process cleans your hair without stripping it of the natural oils that exist.

PrePoo - Shampooing your hair with something like a Clarifying Shampoo prior to using your normal shampoo.

Shingling - Applying product, usually a Leave In Conditioner, to your hair in layers for full coverage.

Stretching - Manipulating your hair in a way that stretches your natural curls to show length.
(more terms to come!)

I haven't gotten my oils (Coconut, TeaTree, Jojoba, etc) locked down to an understanding yet. But I am learning about different oils and their benefits.

Most importantly I am having FUN! The exploration, the pampering, the ME's all been enabled!!! Developing an afinity for the natural me has opened the doors to other needs, such as skincare and physical health, It's hard to explain, but I guess I could say that any improvements that you consciously make for yourself affects your ENTIRE well being. One step at a time, but the path has been shown to me.

Much Love!


  1. hi, I love your hair. Im newly natural, just cut the remaining perm left after a 9 month transition. I want to color my hair, and love your hair color. Can you tell me the hair color/brand and rather you used an all natural hair dye.

  2. Hey Sapphire Starr! The color on my ends is Honey Blonde by Dark & Lovely. I had it put in directly after my BC and it has grown out this way. I am in the process of cutting off the color as it grows out due to split ends...but i do love it. Thanks!


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