Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Recap ~ I Love Me Because... I'm Different!

Memories of the I Love Me event still linger with me as I type this post.  I can still see all of the smiling faces and I can hear the excited voices of all of the kids that were in attendance.  I am so thankful to Julia Davis of Truchatonline.com for allowing me to plan and co host this event with her.  I Love Me events are her brainchild and have been a part of Fro Fashion Week since 2012.  All of the kids had a wonderful time there were even some grown kids who joined in on the fun!

Motivation!  These are the signs for the photo booth.  Positive words evoke positive behavior.  Each child also wore name tags that reflected positive words instead of their name.

Black History Heroes presentation.  Everyone who participated by reading about a Hero outloud received a prize!  Reading out loud teaches the child how to speak publicly.  It gives an opportunity to pronounce and enunciate words.  Reading out loud about a Black History Hero instills pride and also learning.  

Fitness! Zumba Instructor Amia Freeman spoke to the children about loving themselves and followed with a short Zumba session.  Fitness is very important to keep minds healthy &  fresh!

It's OK to be Different!  Jessica McGinty Ceo of JessiCurl and Tarin Boone CEO of Naturally Me Media and creator of Fro Fashion Week spoke to the kids about self esteem.   Hearing adults reflecting on things that they too had to deal with as kids made the kids understand that they could overcome adversity. 

Positive Play!  Promoting self love and esteem through positive play has been a key part of every I Love Me event.  Here we see a mom assisting her child by decorating a face that looks like hers.  

Prizes & Give Aways! Throughout the event prizes were given away from Our Natural Kids, Curl Collection, Fro Fashion Week and TruChatOnline.com.  Each kid also received backpacks filled with hair product samples from JessiCurl and Shea Moisture plus MUCH more!

We really had a great time celebrating these children and showering them with love and attention.  I hope they never forget this day.  I know I wont.

Click here to see more pics! ~~~>  Pics from I Love Me Because I'm Different!

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  1. What a great event and so necessary for our kids!


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