Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Being 40 + and Natural

Me with 2 of my blogging buddies from
Fro Fashion Week Spring 2012
The Fashionista Next Door and Hair Gurl
I am OVER 40 years old and PROUD of it.  I look good AND I feel good. I decided to return to my natural roots when I was in my late 30's. I think its really cool to see younger naturals of today accepting their beauty now instead of waiting until they get older. In fact, my network Our Natural Kids was created to reach out to moms and kids.  However, as a 40 plus natural in Atlanta I find that we are rarely represented or showcased and that's why I am proud to represent this niche in the natural hair community.  40+ naturals have a different set of issues to deal with when it comes to natural hair styling health and maintenance. Here are a few examples of the things that I have to deal with due to my age...

Gray Hair - Some people gray early.  I started seeing a few gray hairs here and there starting in my late 30's.  Now they are EVERYwhere!  Gray hairs do not behave the same as my other hair.  They are wiry and ornery.

Thinning Hair - My hair is sort fine or thin to begin with.  I have been dealing with additional thinning hair for awhile.  

Age appropriate styling - Do you really want to see me in 2 Afro puffs?  I am not saying that I can't rock them in an appropriate situation.  I just like to keep things mild for my tastes.  My Choice.

Retaining Moisture - The older I get the dryer my hair seems to get.

Finding chicks in the natural hair community that are in my age group! Pleease don't get me wrong I looove my young chicas that allow me to hang with them at events, meet ups, shows etc.  They accept me, they compliment me and they inspire me.  But sometimes I feel like the older Auntee that's still trying to hang!! LOL But seriously...

There are many more that I deal with and I will get into some of my solutions to these issues in a later post.  The bottom line is this.  Ain't Nooobody getting younger.  One day YOU will be over 40 years old.  I am here to tell you that I don't think that I truly began to live life until I turned 40.  I've never felt more alive and vibrant.  I feel beautiful and I love myself.  Don't fight aging.  Be that Fine Wine.  Go with the flow and enjoy life. I know I am and I intend to show you just how much!  It's never too late to live your dreams!!

40+ naturals Talk to Me!!  What are some of your natural hair issues that you feel you may be experiencing because of your age?


  1. I will be turning 40 this year. YAY! I have fine hair and have a hard time styling my hair. I enjoy watching youtube videos of my younger and more mature natural sistas. I get great ideas from them and am motivated to venture out and try new things. Thank you ladies for the inspirations.

    1. Happy early Birthday Tanya. 40 is awesome! Thanks for reading!

  2. I am turning 50 this year. I went natural 23 years ago... into dreadlocks. I had the same locks for 22 years. But I think my story is interesting. about 4 years ago, my mother noticed I had a bald spot. I attributed it to doing a movement on my scalp in the same place, but also decided to stop using conditioner in my dreads and only use natural oils. but over the last 4 years, my balding (in the crown) has gotten worse and worse. A combination of traction alopecia from the dreads,FPB (female pattern baldness, hereditary) and as I now found out, EXTREME dryness! My hair is sucking up product (castor oil and ORS olive oil moisture) like a sponge (half a bottle of each in the last week) so now I am hoping that the dryness was the cause of the breakage in the crown) Last week I decided to come out of my locks. I was going to do a BC, BUT I chickened out, so I cut off 10 inches of my dreads (they were 24 inches long)and I am slowly picking out the rest, which is leaving me with about 6 inches (unstretched) of hair. I cant wear 2 strand twists because of the bald patch in the middle, My hair is limp, fine and thin, so it won't hold a proper afro at this length but NAPPY 4b hair. It's like cotton candy that mats when you look at it. Now I remember why I was in dreads to begin with (wanted to get away from relaxers.) So now I am wondering what the heck to do with my hair after it's utt? I want to stay natural, but I am not sure I can deal with all the tangles! Plus, these hair styles are so "girlish" sigh. HELP.. lol


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