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Fro Fashion Week Recap! Spring/Summer 2013

Fro Fashion Week.  Fro Fashion Week.  Fro Fashion Week! ::screams!!:: Fro Fashion Week is Atlanta's premiere celebration of Natural hair, black beauty and fashion.  This week long event is the brain child of Ms. Tarin Boone and was created in 2011 as an answer to the typical hair shows that exist here in Atlanta.  Since its inception Fro Fashion Week has done nothing but grow and prosper. In my opinion its the best that the Atlanta natural hair community has to offer.  Held bi annually, for one week in the Spring & 1 week in the Fall, Fro Fashion Week has become a networking platform for women who are bloggers, designers, writers, photogs, entrepreneurs, etc.  This last installment "Acid Summer" was held at the beautiful Mariott Perimeter in Atlanta from February 25  through March 3, 2013.  As a returning Press Supporter for the event, I had an ALL ACCESS Pass to EVERY thing from the Super Bowl Pre Party Weeks before to the closing interviews with some of the brands at the end.  Enjoy the recap!!

The Ultimate SuperBowl Pre Party!

Weeks before the event Tarin Boone and her Fro Fashion Week Crew met up at a Superbowl Party held at Holiday Inn Atlanta (Perimeter) to spread the word about the event and also to give away a free ALL access pass to the festivities!

Tarin Boone, The SistahChick &
the All Access Pass Winner

An Atlanta Favorite Band
Gritz & Jelly Butter

Natural Hair in the Media &
Click here for more pics of The Ultimate Superbowl Party!

Fro Fashion's Night Out!

This kick off party, hosted by the FABulous Nikka Shae of Oh Nikka and the stylish Kerrie Cook of Virtuous Styls, was held at the trendy Envy Boutique.  There were a bevvy of natural hair beauties in the house.  There were decadent desserts, contests, giveaways and of course the #FFW Photo Booth!

w/The Envy Boutique Owner

w/ Pretty Girls Rock Dresses

w/ Variety Curls Apparel
more pics of Fro Fashion Night Out!

I Love Me Because...I'm Different!!

This would be the Fro Fashion Week sanctioned kids event that was planned and presented by Julia Davis of and myself of The SistahChick and Our Natural Kids.  I've already completed the recap for this event but here are just a few pics from it.

Click here to read more about it I Love Me Because I'm Different!


Saturday and Sunday was filled with everything your natural heart might desire.  If you call yourself a product junkie and weren't there, then you missed out.  One the things that I love most about Fro Fashion Week is the consumers ability to get up close and personal with the product brands and their creators.  Several of the brands had suites like, Shea Moisure, Curls Unleashed and JessiCurl to name a few.  Instructional classes were held covering Natural Hair in the Workplace, How to Build Your Brand, Training Hair to Retain Moisture, Transitional Styling and More!  I really enjoyed the JessiCurl Focus group and Cocktail Hour for registered bloggers.  It was also a reunion for those of us who never miss Fro Fashion Week!!

i LOVE these chicks!!
Haley (@HereisMySpout) Lisa (This Hair of Mine), @IamAudra3000) & Kinky Hair Affair!

Curls Unleashed Suite

Shea Moisture Total Body Suite

w/ Jessica McGuinty Ceo of JessiCurl

w/ brother sister team of OBIA hair care
Omini & Obia Ewah

Main Element: Love and Curl Collection Ceo

Easy Transition/Styling w/ DeShonica Kerrie

Click here to see more pics!  Fro Fashion Week Sessions/Classes/Activities!

Fro Fashion Show!!  

Oh it was dramatic!!  An all white tent and 20 degree temperatures to start!  But don't think for one second that it wasn't HOT, HoT, hOt!  The Fro Fashion show is an event that is not to be missed!  High Fashion.  Independent Designers.  Energy.  Lights.  Paparazzi and an MC that seemed to be dropped down from heaven by God!  Oh it went down!!

w/ Coco Report and If I Were a Brit Girl

Click Here to see more pics!  The Fro Fashion Show

The After Party!!

After the show its the... AfTeR PaRtY!! Time for us to let our natural hair down and kick it with CURLfriends!!  

Click here to see more pics!  After Party!!

Bloggers, Brands, Brunch

A luncheon for registered blogger with the fabulous Chary Jay as the guest speaker.  This portion of Fro Fashion Week totally deserves a separate post and that is what i will give it.  Here a couple pics but please stay tuned.

Bloggers & Brands

Keynote speaker: Chary Jay

Black Onyx
Click here to see more pics of Bloggers, Brands, Brunch

In closing, I must say that I am proud to be a selected Press Supporter of Fro Fashion Week.  Ms Tarin Boone is an amazing young lady with a phenomenal mind for business and planning.  Her and her supportive family and EVERY one associated with this ultimate celebration should give themselves a big hand for a job well done.  The excitement of Fro Fashion Week continues as we get prepared for the next installment!  I am uber excited about it and you will be too when you find out what Tarin has cooked up for us next!  

Did you attend Fro Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013?  What were your favorite parts?

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