Monday, January 28, 2013

The Unemployed Chronicles - The Early Days

Sooooo I lost my job!!  Got "job eliminated" after 17 years of dedicated service.  Technically its only been 4 days, but since I have never been without a job it seems like a lifetime and it feels kind of weird.  Of course I have to blog about this.  I am going through a range of emotions.  At first I was angry and then I got really scared.  That was the 1st hour. Then I realized that I was actually off for the rest of the day.  Oh yeah? After months of working 7 days a week at a rate of 80+ hours per week my mind could not comprehend what this meant.  Let me see if I understand.  You want me to leave? aaand you are gonna pay me while I figure out who I am and what I want to really do with my life?  I'm trying to find a problem with this... but I cant.

Day 1:  First things first... Let's eat some pancakes.  Yeah I know, butter, syrup all bad.  But I lost my job yo!  I ate them effin pancakes...then got some more.  Damn you Aunt Jemima!!

Day 2:  Today was a blur of more comfort food and Netflix videos...and I picked up applications everywhere I went!

Day 3: I spent day 3 at the dentist getting stuff done that should have been done.  I'm smiling in this picture, cheesin actually... but you cant tell because my entire face has been numbed and they gave me those shades. I got the nerve to STILL think I'm cute! Whatever.

Sistah at the dentist
OMG when did I order all of these shoes from Coach?  Don't do that ya'll.

Day 4:  You know what...??  I'm going to a meet up!  This one focused on Technology and Business seems right up my alley and right in time!  Thank you Chocolate Chat Atlanta!

This photo is courtesy of @SwarthyDaisy
All in all, I am SO excited about what my future holds and I am uber eager to delve into what I love to do!  Just as one door has closed windows are already popping open everywhere!

Stay tuned for so much more from me and as always, thank you for reading.

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