Monday, January 28, 2013

Mammograms, Blood Draws & Paps.. Oh My! Women's Health

In the past year I have had two cancer scares.  Its true.  My gyn found something on my uterus last March and 6 months later my family doctor found a lesion on my lung.  Both were completely benign but I am so glad that having the routine check ups enabled them to be found, examined and ruled out.  Its a very scary thing to have the Dr tell you that anything has to be looked at again or that things have to be "ruled out".   Please go to the Dr. if you can and get yourself checked out for everything.  I passed my mammogram with flying colors and even though it hurts like hell I go faithfully.  I share this personal thing with you today because I have a voice and as a Black woman I know that we are often apprehensive about our health and the unknown.  I don't need a special month to focus on this topic because to me EVERY month is Women's Health Month.  Don't be afraid.  Go on and get those check ups TODAY!  Early detection is everything.

I've got a couple of other health issues that WILL be taken care of in 2013.  Stay tuned for my journey.

3 of my most important reasons to get and stay healthy!
My Children
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