Wednesday, January 30, 2013

10 Reasons Why You Should Not Continue To Have Sex With A Man That Will Not Marry You

Listen ladies.  After listening to several conversations had by my female relatives and friends ...I felt the need to create this list.  This list ONLY applies to those of you that want to be in committed relationships and/or get married.  If you dont...?  Not for you.  I aint got nothing against single people hooking up with no strings IF that is what they BOTH want.  This is for those of you who are in long term-sex mostly-aaand you want more relationships.  Capiche?

Reason #1:  STD's.  If he is continuing to do you without real commitment, then he is doing someone else too.  This is how diseases spread.

Reason #2:  Guys don't typically "wife"  their F&%*Buddies.  ok?

Reason #3:  How are you going to feel when he proposes to the next chick that's not giving it to him?

Reason #4.  You are worth more than that.

Reason #5:  He does not respect you.  Especially if he knows that he can't or won't give you what you want.  A real man would not do this.

Reason #6:  Nobody gets younger.  Yes we are aging every day.  Don't waste your youth and your beauty on a man that only wants to pleasure himself with you.

Reason #7:  What is in it for you to keep doing this?  You already know that he cant give you what you want.  Sex will not change his mind.

Reason #8:  While you're wasting time with him, there could be someone else out there waiting for you.

Reason #9:  Make no mistake...He IS using you.

Reason #10:  You deserve better.

There are a THOUSAND more reasons, but these are my best 10.  Feel free to add more reasons in the comments.  For those who needed this... I hope it helps you think about your worth.

Thanks for reading.


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