Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thank You Whitney Houston

Words cannot express the emotions that I feel with the loss of our sistah, the beautiful songbird, Whitney Houston.  Who was she to me you might ask.  After all she is just another celebrity.  She is not related to me.  right?  Well let me explain it to you like this.  When someone's meaningful songs and words touch you at any point in your life, that person becomes family by proxy.  See Whitney got me through high school. My senior prom hair style was based on her hair in "The Greatest Love of All" video.  She was there with me through my first love AND my first heartbreak.  She partied with me through the 90's as I came of age.  She never let me down when she sang the Star Spangled Banner.  She IS family.  She IS our sister.  She is an integral part of Music History, selling more than her share of records and winning a lion's share of rewards and recognitions.  Never mind that she had personal and family issues.  Who doesn't?!  I just want to take a moment today to remember and recognize that angel, Whitney Houston. A legend who understood what her life purpose was and who used it to shine her radiant light upon us through song.  She will be missed.

Thank you Whitney Houston

This was my favorite song.

I felt the same way when Michael Jackson died.  Check out my tribute to the King of Pop...

Excerpts of My Life...Soundtrack by Michael Jackson ~ A Tribute to the King

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