Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Love Me & I Have the Right to Remain Curly!

I escorted my daughter to a wonderful event last week appropriately named "I Love Me and I Have the Right to Remain Curly!".  This was a fantastic celebration of natural hair and ALL things girly.  Held at Atlanta's own Dazzling Diva Day Spa and organized by Julia Davis of this gathering was the frilly, pink, sparkly, answer to most little girls dreams.  A Fro Fashion Week sanctioned event, "I Love Me..." made children it's main focus. Natural hair product maker JessiCurl not only sponsored the event, but the Owner/Ceo Jessica McGuinty was in the house to encourage the young ladies in attendance to love themselves just the way they are. The SistahChick and Our Natural Kids are proud to have sponsored one of the giveaways ($25 TJ Maxx Gift) Card.

Upon arrival each girl was escorted to a room with tables filled with cupcakes by Chanelle's Heavenly Treasures
Each cupcake was topped with original art from
Author/Illustrator Ayanna Davis
Julia Davis of and Spa owner Angela Robins did a great job of making the girls feel comfortable and explaining to them what they could expect.  

Drawings for giveaways happened through out the evening.

My LittleChick and the winner of the prize that was donated by
The SistahChick and Our Natural Kids
The girls were really delighted to hear Jessica McGuinty speak.  She was able to relate to them on a personal level by sharing some stories from her youth where people teased her because of her thick curly hair.  She also talked about how her curly hair led her to start her company JessiCurl.

Salon Infinity owner, Trina Pierre showed them how their Barbies can have curly hair too!

Motivational speaker Daree Allen spoke to them about her new book, "Whats Wrong With Me" and taught them how to journal as a means of self expression.

Several girls volunteered to read from "12 Months With Ayanna's Kids" by Author Ayanna Davis

Each girl left with a gift bag full of goodies, but they also left feeling empowered and good about who they are.  Now that is priceless!!

Click here to see the rest of the pictures ~~~> "I Love Me..."

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! You guys look like you had a ball ;-)

    1. We did have a ball! thanks for reading :-)

  2. Thank you for this recap. I wish we live in ATL, I would have loved my daughter to attend.

    1. The girls really had a good time, that was the best part! Thanks for reading :-)

  3. I truly hate that I missed this! I was looking forward to it. I was out of the loop I guess (shame, shame, shame. This was such a lovely post and experience for the little girls. I learned about Daree's book from your post. Angela is such a great host and has a great place for little girls to party! Awesome job again Sistah Chick! :)

    1. Aww I hate that we didn't get to see you! It is a very cute little place for girls! thanks for reading

  4. talk about a great event! that was truly inspiring. Your little girls hair just seems to have sprouted. I feel like I've missed a year!

    1. Yes her hair is growing like crazy! it was a great event! thanks for reading


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