Friday, January 20, 2012

Sistah Spotlight! ~ ChiChi Sophistication

I am so excited to tell you about this wonderful spirit that I am honored to have run into along my natural hair journey.  Her name is Keianna aka KeeKee aka ChiChi Sophistication.  I met KeeKee on the Our Natural Kids website.  From the moment she entered our online space she has been nothing but positive. KeeKee is a stylist who specializes in natural hair and braiding for children.  The DMV area is where she spreads her love for her people and her craft.  She says on her blog that she "...plants the seeds of self-love and acceptance while providing the hair with proper care..." I couldn't agree more.  We just love her over at Our Natural Kids, so much so that she was named Social Information Contributor for the site!  She brings us a wealth of information.  Her positive energy is astounding.  Her willingness to encourage & motivate speaks volumes about who she is as a person.

In addition to helping Our Natural Kids to promote natural hair health style and maintenance for kids here are a few other places that KeeKee lends her time to:

ChiChi Sophistication (blog)
Natural Hair Care for Children (Facebook, along with ONK Contributor, Jamesha Bazemore)
KeeKeeAllNatural (YouTube)
Chi Chi Sophistication (Facebook)
@KeekeeAlNatural (Twitter)
...and more!!

Please go check her out in whatever venue you like.  You will be glad that you did.

Thanks for reading.

Peace :-)


  1. OMG! Thank you so much SistahChick! I am so blessed & honored to be a part of your mission and purpose of educating mothers to be their own experts and take charge of learning what is best for their children in the Natural Hair Community. Thanks you so much. I love you. ~HUGS HUGS HUGS~

  2. Yey! We heart KeeKee:) Much deserving of recognition... Go'Head Baby!!

    1. AAAAWWWWW! Thanks Baby Big Hair! ~Hugs~ ;-)

  3. Love this spotlight! KeeKee is def all of the above and more. I adore her and her spirit!

  4. You are so welcome KeeKee! You know i love you sis!
    @BabyBigHair and @IntermittentBabbling, thanks so much for checking out the post!


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