Sunday, January 22, 2012

Henna: Lush vs Jamila

It is well past time for me to henna again.  If I am on my game I should be doing it every 6 - 8 weeks.  I started using henna about a year ago when I was looking for a natural way to color my hair.  The coloring became secondary when I saw how much it enhanced my hair in other ways.  My hair appeared to be shinier.  The treatment seemed to make it appear darker but tinted in the light and it also appeared to be thicker.  The deep conditioning like effects that I got from the henna far outweighed my desire for colored hair and is now part of my regimen.  The very 1st time I used henna from Lush called Caca Rouge.  Here is the video from that application:

The last time I did a treatment I tried it a different way.  I used Jamila Henna and a recipe from a fellow blogger @NaturalByL of Natural Review By L The recipe called for Henna, Coconut Milk, Apple Cider Vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Jamila Henna
Jamila Henna Box

Coconut Milk

Apple Cider Vinegar

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
It was a simple blend and this is the consistency of what it looked like blended together.

I applied it the same way for both methods. I used EO Chamomile & Lemon w/Honey conditioner to rinse it all out after 4 hours.

Overall, I think both techniques for the treatment are effective and beneficial for my hair. There were no dramatic changes in the color for either method.  The ingredients for the Jamila Henna method were more economical and easier to obtain.  I have to go to the mall or order the Lush on line and it is pricey.
Do you henna?  If so, whats your method?

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  1. I use the mix that Splinta24 shows in this video.
    I love it. I have been doing henna since about May of last year. I aim for 6 weeks, but I have gone a little longer now because my hair growth slowed down a bit in the fall. I have a little gray patch right in the front that shows up a lot when I wear my hear back so I like to keep it covered. I do get a lot of shine from the henna in addition to the copper gray coverage.

  2. I haven't tried henna from Lush before. Now I am using Nupur henna. I bought it at Patel Brothers. I'll have to post a new recipe with that one.

  3. I do like what it does to my grays too April! It turns them bright red and it kind of looks like a hint of highlights! Thanks for taking the time to comment on the post!
    ~L, cant wait to check out the new recipe!

  4. I also henna. Love it! I did it for the first time around Thanksgiving last year and used Henna Sooq in Indigo. Loved it. This time I am going to try the Jamila just to see if there is a difference. I boil hot water and steep about 4 green tea bags and use that to mix with the henna after the tea mixture cools a little. You don't have to have boiling hot water, just bring the water just to a boil. Works great. Got that from Curly Nikki.


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