Saturday, October 1, 2011

Container Garden Update!

Back in May my daughter and I decided to try our hand at a little gardening. Container Gardening that it is.  At that time I blogged that, I thought it would be a fun summer project for her and that it would serve a purpose.  Boy was I right to the nth power!!  Not only do I feel that we have both grown as human beings because of the experience, but we also were able to produce our own edible crops.  My daughter was NOT a veggie eater prior to this, but we found that if she grows them... she WILL eat them! All summer we enjoyed dozens of delicious cucumbers, fresh basil, fresh onion, beautiful red bell peppers, cilantro and even a couple of watermelons.  It was fun, fun, fun and we are now preparing to grow various lettuces for the fall.  Here are a few pics of our endeavors, hope you enjoy :-)

Cilantro, Basil & Parsley

Harvested Basil

Cucumber Harvest

She is eating veggies!!

Sliced Cucs

We ended up w/30+

One Tiny Melon

Cuc on the vine

Orange in the middle?? Super Sweet & Good

Red Bell Pepper

Harvested Melon

Size does not matter, her smile does :-)

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. WOW SISTAH! What an inspiration! I told myself that I was going to began planting herbs & maybe a few veggies in April. I am getting my list together. I know I want to plant Aloe.


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