Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Sistah Cafe & Our Natural Kids NEW Look!

Greetings Family!

I appreciate you all so much for checking out my blog as well as my other online entities.  We have made some changes recently and I wanted to share them with you, so consider this a relaunch!

With the help of our friends over at BosGraph Design we have made all of our sites more attractive & hopefully visible by updating them with professional logos, warm and inviting colors, and by removing all  unnecessary links.  As my relationship with the online Natural Hair community grows I wanted my sites to represent.  I am hoping that these changes will help to invite more views, sponsorship & donations as we continue to share our knowledge & experiences with you.


Our Natural Kids ~  This site was launched back in February 2010.  It was a result of the positive feedback that my daughter & I received after we posted a bunch of Natural Hair Styling & Maintenance vids on You Tube.   This is a social networking site that allows its members to do everything from Uploading pics & vids to blogging to personalizing your own profile page, you name it.  We have discussions boards as well as chat capability.  There are interactive sub groups like MotherBloggers & The MarketPlace to help members connect!!  We have volunteer contributors there to give you professional tips (Jamesha Bazemore) and to encourage you in a positive way (Keianna Johnson) We are now nearly 800 members strong with members in nearly every state and many countries worldwide!!  People from all over the globe are coming together on Our Natural Kids to discuss hair care and maintenance for children with curly, multi textured, afrotype hair.

The Sistah Cafe ~ Its all in the name.  This is where your girl, The SistahChick, hangs out! Here I share a little bit more about myself.  Whether I am writing about my Natural hair, showing you pics of my family or our latest trips, bringing you updates from my Container Garden or just sharing recipes...Cafe's are warm & inviting places where you can relax, chill & be yourself.  The Sistah Cafe is that plus more!!!

The SistahChick's Spot ~  This is my YouTube Channel.  I became a YouTuber on 4/10/2009 with one goal only and that was to share my Natural Hair journey with the world!  Since the beginning Natural Hair has been the main focus of this channel.  However, as with life, there are many different facets to every journey.  Here you can watch as My LittleChick and I show our hair regimens.  Here you can also see a video diary of my Quit Smoking journey, product reviews, tutorials plus footage of various events that I have attended in Atlanta, yearly photoslide updates set to funky music and much much more! 

The SistahChick & Our Natural Kids ~ We are on FaceBook!!  Our FaceBook fanpage allows us to possibly come in contact with at least some of its 500 million users.  Here we are able to quickly update you with whatever is going on in the African American online community.  We provide links to pertinent news/info regarding natural hair products, videos, websites, etc.  for kids and adults as well.

All of these entities are a direct result of my love for my race, my people & my culture.  I truly enjoy sharing & fellowship with like minded individuals.  Being online allows us to reach people that we wouldnt normally be able to come into contact with.  I hope that my community appreciates the time, cost & work that my family & I have put into all of these projects. We will continue to share our positive light & energy with you and we hope that you will spread it on to others! 

Thanks for reading.
Peace :-)


  1. Hey SistahChick! This post was sooooo inspiring. I need to get me a logo. This information you are sharing is a blessing. I am sending you a private message on Twitter. You have a great thing going here....Keep Up the great work my sister ;-)

  2. I Love this blog Joining and staying.

  3. Wow, beautiful work!!

    I recenly revamped my blog to include an updated more prolific headliner. I wanted something sleep and simple and straight to the point. This has inspired me to blog about the purpose behind my blog's name and icon.

    Kay @LoveNWright


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