Friday, July 22, 2011

Money Saving Tips for Product Junkies

Hey all of you product junkies out there!!  Admitting that you have the problem is the 1st step.  right?  lol  Well welcome to the family we're here for you.  Whether you are trying organic OR non organic products it can get pricey trying to find what products work for you.  If you are like me and just love trying new things it can become even more of an expense... but it doesn't have to be.  One thing is for sure, if i try a product and I end up liking it, I WILL buy more!!  That being said...

Here are some tried & true tips to help you SAVE MONEY!! 

"Over The Counter" ~ These are products that you can get in any stores beauty section.  When I first went natural, Garnier Fructis & Infusium, Motions were my favs.  I don't use them anymore but I am just saying don't knock what you can get at Walmart or the grocery store. Some of those OTC products are great!  I have heard people swear by the Herbal Essence line.  Be careful though if you want to stick to organic products. Just because it looks and sounds organic, doesn't mean that it is.  (Read your ingredients)

Product Swaps ~ This is where you meet with fellow natural sistahs to swap products. generally the way it works is you get to swap product for product, so ex:  if you bring 8 items you leave with 8 items It is assumed that the persons swapping will only bring new or gently used items. if you have some kind of phobia this wont be for you :-)  But this is a GOOD way to mingle, try new things and also to see what else is out there and what others are using.  And its free!!

Mostly New & Some Gently used products obtained at a Product Swap
TJ Maxx ~ I really should include Ross & Marshall as well.  These stores often get shipments on several costly product lines.  I have gotten these product lines there:  GioVanni & EO. I heard that the Say Yes To.. line & some Carols Daughter has been seen there as well.  They are DEEPLY discounted! (1 Liter of Giovanni Deep Moisture Shampoo $12.99!!) They get different items every week, so what you find there will vary and they also wont have the exact same thing at a different store.  I love the hunt!

Buy in Bulk ~ Sometimes buying in larger quantities means paying less per oz.  Do the math.  You could end up saving lots of money this way. If you know you like it, buy the larger quantity.

Lola's Green Hair ~ I met this really cool chick via Twitter (@LolasGreenHair)  she has a very cool website by the same name.  Here you can post & sell your new & gently used items and you can also BUY new or gently used items.  The membership is my favorite price... FREE! The product prices are awesome!  Check it out for yourself!

Hair Shows ~ If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where there are Hair Shows do yourself a favor and check it out.  There are always LOTS of vendors selling some of your favorite products for the low low.  For instance I got a $20+ jar of Jane Carter Nourish & Shine for $5.00 at last years World Natural Hair Show ~ Atlanta.  There will also hopefully be  vendors from smaller & little known product lines to sell you GREAT products for a good price.  Word of warning, SOME hair shows are costly to get into.  If you are going in for product be aware of the cost and your bottomline.

Some of the items obtained from the World Natural Hair Show 2010

Some items obtained from the World Natural Hair Show 2011
"Meet Ups" ~ These are gatherings where people are merely meeting at various locations to talk Natural Hair.  Again, if you are in an area where these meetings occur, go to them.  There is most always a freebie or two involved.  Most of the time the freebies are sample size, but i have been to some where they gave full size! The double benefit of attending meet ups is that you are gonna be hanging out with like minded people, meeting new people and its just fun! aaand usually they're FREE!!

Start a blog or YT ~ When i started my channel & blog my intent was not to get free products, i didn't even know that was a possibility.  But as my memberships grow I am finding that more companies are willing to send us products to try.  So i wouldn't say this should be a reason to get into it cause its a lot of work.  but if you are already doing it... Its free products.

Please share how you save!!  Hope this helps

Thanks for Reading,
Peace :-)

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  1. Great post! P.S. Any items u dont want I'll take them off your hands :)


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