Monday, December 31, 2012

Fro Fashion Week Fall 2012

I wanted my last post of 2012 to be about something that I know, love and am glad to be a part of....  Fro Fashion Week - Atlanta.  Fro Fashion Week is an Atlanta based event that is the brain child of Ms. Tarin Boone.  It is a bi annual week long celebration of natural black beauty.  Since its inception, founder Tarin Boone has taken special care to showcase not only the beauty of African American women, but also to promote black business and networking along with fashion and entertainment.  I have been attending Fro Fashion Week since Fall 2011 and I am honored to have been selected as a Lead Press Supporter for the last  2 installments of this event (Spring 2012 & Fall 2012).  PLUS I just found out recently that I have been selected as Lead Press Supporter again for Fro Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013!!  Being a Lead Press Supporter gives me front row and backstage access to ALL of the components of the event.  Please enjoy just a few of the many moments that were captured during the Fall 2012 show!!

Fro Fashion Week plays host to MANY beauty professionals and products lines and brings you the best workshops available:

The Blogger's Brunch is one of the many highlights of Fro Fashion Week.  It brings together subject matter experts and bloggers who interested in growing their personal brand into a money maker.  Fall 2012 brought us the guru behind Mattie James.  We learned so much.  A key piece that stood out to me was her definition of how to use your VOICE as it relates to blogging/branding.

V ~ Verify if this is really what you want to be doing!  You need to love this to be successful at it.
O ~ Offer yourself on a silver platter to your audience!  give them your best & they will respond!
I ~ Invent yourself!  Your blog may start out being one thing and end up being another. (It's ok!)
C ~ Challenge yourself
E - Expect to Win!!

We were all very inspired!

After a long and exciting day of activities, seminars and Bloggers Brunch, its time to let our natural hair down at the Fro Fashion Week Penthouse party!!  The Penthouse at the Melia hotel has the entire Atlanta City Skyline as its backdrop.  The view is amazing at night!!

Last but certainly not least there is the fiercest fashion show out there and the grande finale of this culmination of fashion and natural beauty.

Fro Fashion Week Founder Tarin Boone (right)

I hope that you enjoyed the recap.  for more on Fro Fashion Week, please check out  

To see more pics:
Penthouse Party!

Bloggers Brunch!


Fashion Show:

To see more of what you have been missing check out my previous Fro Fashion Week Blog Post!

I hope that you have had a joyous 2012 and wish you a prosperous 2013.  Thank you so much for showing your support by reading my blog this year.  Please come back often!



  1. WOW Sistah, that looked like a great time. I am hoping to be in attendance at the Atlanta Natural Hair Show coming up in April. If I am able to attend, I will gladly let you know. Wonderful post.

    1. It was a great time KeeKee! I hope you can come in April! I'm excited that i get to meet Jamesha!


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