Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sistah SpotLight! ~ Tomoka's Twists

I have come into contact with so many interesting and wonderful people through Twitter.  Last year I met the lovely MiMi, of Tomoka's Twists (@TomokasTwists).  Tomoka's Twists has the most wonderful hair accessories and more!  If you check their website you will find earrings, bracelets, ties, twists, bows, clips etc.  What I love most about what I find is that each item is unique.  Yes, I am that Natural Hair Chick that adores some big hoops, earthy wooden bangles and earrings.  I love beads, stones & shells.  I also enjoy quality.  Its a must.  I was happy and excited to find that all of my needs could be met at Tomoka's Twists.  I recently ordered a lovely Twist and pair of earrings that I just adore already. 

This set is called "DNatural".  It consists of a beautiful Twist made with wooden beads and a gorgeous pair of large hoops to match.

Tomoka's Twists are made of flexible wire with protective outer casing.  These unique hair accessories are made to last...

I love the size of these earrings, they are stylish, sturdy and well made.  I think they absolutely make a statement about who I am.  Strong. Beautiful. Bold.

"Tomoka's Twists was established for the desires of the growing number of women embracing their natural hair to creatively and functionally to adorn their crowns. Tomoka's Twists are flexible, comfortable, and unique. Uncoil a Tomoka's Twists and let the creativity begin."

I ran into MiMi while attending the North Carolina Natural Hair expo last summer.  Check Out the vid for a demonstration on how to use the Twist!! (Dont forget to disable to Music Player below, by clicking on the Pause button)You can also go straight to her demonstration w/o watching the whole vid by clicking here 5:59


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  1. I love those earrings. You seem like an Earthy Chick SistahChick. I love Earth tones colors as well. lol

  2. Beautiful beads! I'm going to have to check this out. I've always admired hair accessories but never really ventured beyond scarves and headbands. Thanks so much for sharing!

    On another note, I've given you an award! I hope you enjoy the fun it entails. :-) You'll find details at the following link:

    Peace, Moka B.


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