Tuesday, June 1, 2010

#NaturalHair Day!

Twitter has become a very popular HotSpot for members of the Natural Hair community. It is a truly wonderful place to chat and to get together in real time with like minded people on a daily basis. You can follow me there as @TheSistahChick. There is an awesome & very popular #NaturalHair Chat that occurs EVERY Sunday @ 10pm Eastern. I have attended for months. Through this chat I have been able to learn everything there is to know about Natural Hair as well as to launch my own Natural Hair inspired Network, Our Natural Kids. I have also met some supreme people through this venue. On Twitter it is appropriate to place the "#" symbol before a word when you want to create what is known as a "HashTag". Creating this sort of "tag" for a word allows you to search for this word as a topic. When a certain word is used by tons of people it becomes known as a Trending Topic. Today, June 1st, 2010 has been declared #NaturalHair Day on Twitter. The main goal of today's celebration was to make #NaturalHair a Trending Topic on Twitter. Natural Hair Tweeters, YouTubers, Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, & Fashionistas from across the globe came together today under their Twitter personas to attempt to make this happen by using the hashtag #NaturalHair within various tweets throughout the day. Some of my signature tweets today included:

Hi TimeLine! Today is Natural Hair day! You can help me celebrate by making #NaturalHair a Trending Topic! Please RT this :-)

Reppin #NaturalHairKids Our Natural Kids #NaturalHair http://tinyurl.com/yyfgq9b Check us Out!!

I teach my daughter to love her #NaturalHair too! My Lil Chick A TwistOut on Dry Hair #NaturalHairKids

I love my #NaturalHair! (This does not mean that I am knocking any1 elses Do) "Do" You!~

LOL, well you get the jist. I honestly don't know if we ever made Trending Topics today. But I do know that I had a blast trying! Our efforts were even mentioned on Essence.Com.
Today, June 1st, 2010, I Tweeted my messages and ReTweeted the messages of others.
Today, We laughed and joked with one another, chatted, shared.
Today, I met some new tweet buddies, local & abroad with the same interests as me. Today...was just an over all online Good time. #ThatIsAll

Thanks for reading :-)

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